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Video Game-themed Comics and Light Novels are quite popular these days…

A LITrpg webtoon comics called “the gamer” : litrpg

What webtoon would you want made into anime? - Quora


…This probably won’t surprise a lot of folks to hear but RPGs–short for Role Playing Games–are and always will be my absolute favorte video game genre. This also may not surprise a lot of people to hear but about 15 years ago, I had the crazy idea of making one of my novels into a video game using the RPG Maker computer program. I didn’t get very far and couldn’t even put together a working demo but I still have the files from back then on one of my external hard drives.

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise in popularity of a certain sub genre in Anime: Isekai. Isekai is Japanese for “Visitor From Another World”. This almost always involves someone from modern-day Japan crossing into a fantasy world though The Dragon Maid of Kobayashi and The Devil is a Part Timer are two examples of the reverse happening. The Rising of The Shield Hero and That Time I got Reincarnated As A Slime are two well known examples of the norm on that note. Sometimes RPG mechanics or tropes are used and sometimes they’re not. We’ve also seen the likes of MEGA popular Webcomics like Hardcore Leveling Warrior (second picture above), The Gamer (first picture above) and Advanced Tutorial Player.


On that note, my third Serene Adventure story Starry Heavens was the one that I planned to turn into a video game using RPG Maker about 14 years ago. I planned to write the story and design the game at the same time but after a while, I decided to just focus on writing the story first for obvious reasons. I actually still have an RPG-style character roster in a text file that I use for all the main and supporting characters of the Serene Adventure stories. I now use it to keep track of the various abilities and skills of all those characters. Don’t worry, I already said I would make a special section for that. It will just be a matter for me to decide how much of what I want to publicly share.


Getting back on topic, I do have some stories planned that will have RPG or RPG-like mechanics woven into them. Here’s a few story ideas that I have in mind but don’t take them as planned stories just yet. Maybe.


  • My Life In Another World: Karla Sarcozi works as the manager of Whirlwind, a popular French Pub in Oklahoma City. One day after downloading a strange new App to her smartphone, she wanders into another world. This other world called Entrea is a world unlike ours filled with monsters, dungeons, magic and…a status screen? It doesn’t take Karla very long to figure out the strange app on her phone is connected to Entrea. Who made the App? Why was Entrea opened to her? Just how powerful will she become in that world? Would anyone in her world believe her if she told them? Most importantly: Why is that world’s dark lord helping her get stronger?
  • Modern Day Overlord: 16 year old Judas B. Lucien is one of the most popular kids in his high school. Friends, good grades, athletic skills and charisma. Despite all that, he holds an amazing secret: He’s the Crown Prince of Gallows, a kingdom in another world that was conquered by Champions of Justice five years earlier. Just before Gallows fell, his parents sent him along with some trusted subjects to look after him on Earth with the hope that their enemies would never find him. It’s now 2014 and five years have passed. His peaceful life as an ordinary teenager is shattered when one of the champions tracks him down and he’s forced to reveal his true identity in front of his friends. After learning his parents may still be alive, Judas decides to return to his own world but this time he’s not alone. Will he and his friends from Earth be able to rebuild his fallen kingdom or is Gallows going to remain lost to history?
  • Modern Day Overlord II: Campaign Mode: Eight years have passed since Crown Prince Judas B. Lucien and his friends succeeded in restoring the lost Kingdom of Gallows, which exists in a parellel world. In the eight years that followed, Judas’ parents gave him leave to continue living on Earth while also acting as the kingdom’s official ambassador to the UN. With Earth currently upended by a Global Pandemic, Political Unrest and a conflict in Eastern Europe, Judas returns home to find out while he was away, Gallows has been getting attacked by neighboring kingdoms. With the military tied up playing defense, Judas decides to assemble and allies of his own to punish those who threaten his homeland. It won’t be easy but it will be fun!
  • Our Secondborn Child will Save the World?!: Harold and Gracia Novis were once legendary Adventurers back in the day. After fighting in a massive war on opposite sides, the two fell in love, got married and settled down together. Soon after, they had a son they would name Eric. Although they became Innkeepers after retiring from their respective militaries, Harold or Gracia would sometimes be called upon by their homelands for a mission. One day while both of his parents are out on an errand, now 10 year old Eric Novis learns the truth about his parents’ past that they didn’t want him to know. To complicate things further, both of their kingdoms have just learned they have a child together and now they’ve been ordered to their homelands to have another child. Why? Because according to an old legend, their secondborn child will be the Hero needed to one day stop an approaching threat.
  • Our Grandchild will Destroy the World?!: Ten years have passed since Harold and Gracia Novis’ second child Cassandra was born and two years have passed since Eric’s new wife Grima DeVille first entered their lives. It’s love at first sight and more so when it’s realized she is the lost princess of the fallen kingdom of Ruajin. The fallen kingdom, which openly practiced necromancy and other schools of taboo magick is said to have been betrayed from within and most of the royal family including its king were slaughtered. Grima, who foresook practicing magick from childhood was away when the kingdom fell almost overnight. Fearing for her safety, she fled for her life and that was how she met the Novis family two years ago. Now a beautiful young woman newly married to Eric Novis, Grima learns of an old legend from her homeland that notes every 100 years, a chosen member of the royal family is fated to give birth to a world-ending calamity. The birthmark on her left hand is proof that she has been chosen for this generation!
  • Brothers of Light and Darkness: In every fantasy story, there is a Hero and there is a villain. How did things get like that? Every story has a beginning. This is the story twin brothers Lumis and Noctis. This is story of a hero and a villain whose legendary conflict would inspire countless stories for generations across all cultures. It’s now the early 21st Century. The days of myths and legends have given way to the dawn of the digital age. Most people now believe they are nothing more than the stuff of fairy tales. What happens when fantasy becomes reality?
  • We Didn’t Want This Destiny: 20 years ago, four young strangers who live in four different parts of the world find themselves connected by one unique phenomenom: A pop-up window telling them they are now on The Heroes’ Journey, awakening them to new powers. A series of circumstances brings them together and separates the again. 16 years later, The Four as the world come to know them learn all they experienced was just the prelude to a world-threatening calamity.
  • We Didn’t Want to Risk Our Lives: Sequel to We Didn’t Want This Destiny. Four years have passed since The Four came together and the First War Power has made itself known to the world. The Four emerge victorious but not without great cost to the world. The nations of the world demand answers for both the devastation and the cataustrophic loss of human life. One of The Four is hospitalized, another’s family is in danger and a third is suddenly made the leader of their country. The last remaining member of The Four must reunite their group before the Second War Power emerges and sweeps them all away. To do this, allies will need to be recruited by each member of The Four to help defend the world.
  • We Didn’t Want to Die: Sequel to We Didn’t Want to Risk Our Lives. The Four have come together once more and just before the Second War Power makes its move. The Four and their companions rise to the challenge and push The Second War Power all the way back to their own world. It is here that certain hard truths about The Heroes’ Journey are revealed to them and a choice that will see all sentient life in one land or another extinguished must be made. The Fateful Choice that will save one world or the other stirs discord among The Four and more so knowing only they can make that choice. Time is running out and a choice that will end a world must be made.



I have no timelime for when I’ll write any of these but they will be coming. The last three will be one massive story that span three stories to say the least. Let’s just say I have a LOT of storyboarding to do to bring these concepts to fruition.



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Before I forget, yes I am on Twitter

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If you already follow me on Twitter, you’ll see this same post and another one multiple times since I posted them on ALL of my WordPress blogs at once.

I’ll keep this one short, though. Assuming you’re reading this first from WordPress, my Twitter handle is @LaVonDavis617. Feel free to Direct Message me on Twitter if you’d like–I only recently found out what and how to DM on that note–and I’ll get back to you when I can.

The easiest way to get in touch with me without knowing my phone number is via Google Hangouts or iMessage. I have an Android Phone but I also have an iPad. I can text an iPhone as long as I know the number but if you wanted to text my iPad first, you will need to know my iCloud Email. It’s the same with Google Hangouts, which requires either an Android Phone number or a Gmail account.

  • My iCloud is
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…My iPad is Wi-Fi only but I’m pretty good at getting back to people fairly quickly. This way, everyone has at least 3 different ways to get in touch with me. Of course, you can also just email me if you want.

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I like to be consistent in what I do and say

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When I first launched this blog 7 years ago, it was meant to be a backup to my old website Serene I never would have imagined back then that I would have gone on to make 10–soon to be 11–more blogs on WordPress. I spent almost $500 on just operating costs with my original website over an 8 year period. I was able to do WAY more than that for free these past 7 years with WordPress.

My personal life has been in limbo over the last three–no, five–years in particular. Even so, I have learned a lot over the last 3 years I have been unemployed. My work as an Independent Consultant is a new venture I started late last year. I’ve got some big aspirations but I am also realistic. I know my limitations but I don’t think that disqualifies me from needing and wanting to make some big life changes.

Priority #1 is being able to support myself financially. To that end, I decided to start a Consulting Firm. Of course it’s not currently licensed or registered but that will change once I have the money to make it happen. At the same time, I am still looking for employment. The money I do make as an Independent Consultant isn’t much and isn’t consistent enough to really be considered income. I can’t even report it for tax purposes or I would have already.

This is something I have been saying to the people I’ve met in the last few years a lot lately: People have learned to love things and use people when it should be the other way around. You’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy. I have no interest in being rich or famous. Doing things for others makes me happy at the end of the day. At the same time, I am far more likely to go out of my way for someone who I know will appreciate the help I provide.

Every time I get a Like for one of my blog posts, I know someone appreciated the effort I put into it as well as the content. I have written almost 1,000 articles across my 11 blogs. I took my time putting every single one of them together.

For almost two years now, you’ve seen this at the end of every article:

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I’ve decided to make some significant changes with a few family connections

…If you’ve read my other blogs, you know I’m still active. Not as active as I should be in regards to this blog but active none the less.

Anyway on to the three big news I’m announcing here.

First, those who’ve read my original work are aware that as of Serene Adventure IV: Champions, Ted Toss has 12 kids from 4 different Women. Fin, Katrin, Celes, Nate (formally Nick), Elaina (formerly Alana) and Oskar (new child) from Ann. Mark Anthony, Serenity and Eric (formerly Ted Toss III) from Terra. Mariko Ebihara-Wu (formerly Marie Kwan) from Leianne Wu (formerly Leanne Kwan) and finally, Martin from Hannah. Including Angelisa (adopted) that’s 12.

As of the new stories, Only Angelisa + Ann’s kids will be Ted’s.

In addition, I am changing the family’s last name from Toss…to Marshall. That’s the second thing. Third thing…Ann’s nationality will be changed from Korean to Filippino.

The reasoning for the last name change has to with Ted’s father Nathaniel’s story in Marshall Family Origins (formerly Toss Family Origins). The last name Toss isn’t going away completely but the family will not use it any longer. It will now be Marshall. The nationality change is because I am rewriting Ann’s backstory (before she and Ted met) and it will be for the better. Yes, I will be updating her page as well. Due to this, all of my old work in which the Toss name is used is now officially non-canon. Obvious crossover to come sometime in the future aside, I WILL have to rewrite the handful of stories I have written already but fortunately have not published. I will also update the profile blog posts I’ve written so far to reflect this change, among other things.

These are major changes all things considered but not the only ones. I announced the first three already, after all:

  • This is a MAJOR Spoiler from Marshall Family Origins: Ted finds out Edward “Ed” Ross and Tomiko Morado (Tom Ado for short) are in fact his brothers with the same father but different mothers. Ted is the youngest of the three brothers. Tomiko has a special ability that allows him to compel someone to follow any order or command he gives. He used it accidentally for the first time as a child on his father, causing Nathaniel to forget Tomiko is his son for almost 30 years. His wife at the time was pregnant with Ted and dies giving birth while Nathaniel is deployed overseas. He comes back and finds his 3 sons without their mother and quits the Navy to raise them. During this time–and in part because he lost his memories of being Tomiko’s father–he never lets on that they are family until he gets his memories back 30 years later.
  • This is a MAJOR Spoiler from Marshall Family Origins: Ed Ross marries Terra Ortiz, who attended the same high school as Ted. They go on to have Mark Anthony. Serenity and Eric are born sometime later. Their children carry their grandfather’s last name Marshall at their father’s request that they use their grandfather’s last name since neither he or Tom Ado use their father’s last name.
  • This is a MAJOR Spoiler from the Fourth Saga: Ann gets pregnant with her sixth child and keeps it a secret from her family (though Angelisa finds out). While vacationing in Hawaii she goes into labor 2 months early and nearly dies giving birth to her son Oskar, who barely survives as well.
  • Due to circumstances explained in Our Family Matters Terra, Mark Anthony and Serenity move in with Ted and Ann’s family. As a throwback to the old family ties, Ted becomes a father figure to Mark and Serenity. Mark hasn’t seen his father since he was very young and barely remembers his face. Serenity has no memories of her father, who wasn’t there when she was born. Ted ends up being the only father she’s ever known until she’s in middle school.
  • This is a MAJOR Spoiler from Our Family Matters: During a mission in the Philippines Tomiko meets Nautica, who according to a local legend is descended from royalty. Her sea-green hair and eyes are said to be proof of her heritage. The two end up falling in love and get married.
  • This is a MAJOR Spoiler from My Father’s Daughter: It’s revealed Mariko Ebihara-Wu (formerly Marie Kwan) isn’t Ted’s daughter like she had thought but is actually his sister. Ted returns to Boston with Tom and Ed in time to stop a three-way battle between Mariko, Celes and Aurina from turning deadly. It is shortly after this that the three brothers learn Mariko is their previously unknown sixteen year old sister. The obvious question to be asked is who–and where–her mother is. The brothers take Mariko with them and travel to northwestern China where they planned to meet with their father. It is there that Mariko learns the truth about her heritage. Her mother Leianne Wu is an Empress and that makes her a Princess!

…It is interesting to note that at one point, I did consider pairing Terra and Abyssion Highwind but changed my mind. Instead, I’ve decided to pair him again with Alice Parker–older sister of Kyle and Leon Parker–at a certain point during the events of Starry Heavens. More info on that will come at a later time when I write a blog post for her. I share this in part because Alice is also the mother Aurina Highwind, who is herself Mark Anthony’s wife and adopted sister of Damien Highwind. The rest you’ll find out when the time comes.

I thought I posted this when I drafted it last summer but now I’m glad I didn’t so I could update this.

So, to recap:

  1. The Toss Family name is now Marshall. Ted Marshall, Ann Marie Marshall, Finnaran Xavier Marshall and so on.
  2. Ann’s Nationality is now Filippino, changed from Korean. Angelisa and Zenith are both still of Korean nationality however.
  3. Ted is now only the biological father of Ann’s children (as well as Angelisa, who is adopted).
  4. Mariko Ebihari-Wu is now Ted’s sister.

Get it? Got it? Good.

I will go ahead and revise the Character Spotlights I’ve written so far to reflect these new changes. I won’t change the links but I will change the article titles. The changes should be done in the next hour.

The Feral One is about the power of the bond between siblings

Unlike the last two previews I’ve done, this one’s a single book. Like both series I previewed before though, I’m slightly changing the narrative from what I originally had in mind. Here’s the new premise:

  • In 2004, a family driving through the Rocky Mountains is involved in a car accident. Rescuers recover six year old Jose “Joey” Ruiz as well as the bodies of his parents and older brother. While investigators are unabe to find the remains of his twin sister Elisa “Lizzie” Ruiz, it is believed she was also killed in the accident.
  • Over the next ten years, rumors begin to spread of a mysterious creature inhabiting the Rocky Mountains. The rumors are at first dismissed as Bigfoot but the creature is far smaller than Bigfoot. This is further reinforced when campers report clothes and food disappear every few years from their campsites.
  • In the fall of 2013, expert trackers unmask the mystery creature’s identity: A teenage girl. The girl speaks the trackers for a few minutes before running off. Much to their surprise, the lose track of her very quickly.
  • Based on the girl’s appearance and size and appearance, experts put the pieces together and realize she’s Elisa Ruiz, was long thought dead from the accident that killed her older brother and parents. Two more expeditions made to find her and rescue her end in failure. She is simply too strong and too fast for even the most rugged outdoorsmen to handle.
  • Researchers decide to go with their last resort in the spring of 2014: They meet with her twin brother Jose, who has been living with a family in Los Angeles since the accident. He is shocked to learn his twin sister not only survived the accident but has been living in the wilderness over the last 10 years. He agrees to help rescue her.
  • When Jose sees his now 16 year old twin sister for the first time, he is surprised to see how well she adapted to living in one of the most unforgiving environments in the world. When the two meet, it’s like looking in a mirror.
  • “Who are you and why do you look like me?” Lizzie asks when she sees the teenage boy who shares her face. “We knew each other before we were born.” Joey replies. “Look into my eyes and tell me who I am.” Brother and Sister are reunited for the first time since the accident that claimed the lives of their family.
  • The whole world is captivated as news of The Feral One spreads. There have been many cases of Feral Children over the years but what makes Elisa’s story so compelling is she never lost everything that made her human. In every other story before hers, the child never learned what it meant to be human. Even better, she is able to share her story: She never lost her language skills in either English or Spanish.
  • The twins travel to Chicago, New York and Boston where Elisa undergoes a series of tests. For all intents and purposes, she is a healthy 16 year old girl. Her athlete-level strength, speed and agility comes from a decade of living in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. Once she is given a clean bill of health, Elisa decides to live in San Francisco with her brother and his family.
  • Elisa spends the next 18 months catching up on everything she missed since the accident in 2004. Many are iuspired by her story of survival in face of such overwhelming odds. She even meets President Obama at the White House.
  • In the summer of 2015, Elisa visits The Rocky Mountains with her brother. It’s her first time back since she they were reunited. After over a year of silence, she decides to tell her brother and the journalist who traveled with them how she survived since the accident.
  • As the twins prepare to return to San Francisco, Elisa meets 17 year old Greg Forrest. Forrest, who saw Elisa was she was a child is surprised to see how beautiful she’s become. Jose realizes right away he has feelings for her but knows this is a new experience for Elisa. Not wanting to get in the way of her happiness, he agrees to allow them to start dating.
  • The twins celebrate their 17th birthday at the end of June. In just a year’s time, Elisa has made great progress transitioning into her new life living with her brother. Even so, Jose can see that his sister misses the life she left behind. In the fall, Jose announces the twins will move to Laramie, Wyoming to finish their senior year of high school.
  • Elisa is excited by the news as she will now be much closer to her boyfriend. Jose just wants his sister to be happy. The move will allow her to visit the region he feels she was bound to by fate. Elisa takes full advantage of the opportunity given to her but still goes to school so she can graduate with her brother.
  • In the spring of 2016, Elisa suddenly starts feeling sick. Jose takes her to the hospital where Elisa is given some startling news. When she tells her brother, the twins decide to what they learned a secret until after they graduate.
  • A few weeks after the twins graduate and celebrate their 18th birthday, Elise tells her brother Greg broke up with her when she told him about her secret. When Jose learns another reason Greg broke up with her, he is enraged.

…There’s more to it than that of course. Like I did with the last overview, I left alot of details out on purpose. That said, you can probably guess what the “startling news” at the end is. As for the “other reason”…you’ll have to see the finished product. I will say it’s not because of infidelity, though. I also want to make it clear this is not an erotica though it is geared toward young adults and older.

This is only about a a third of the book I’ve given you an outline of. Elisa’s backstory is the second third. What happens next is the final third. It will be a Drama/Thriller with some angst as well as some comedy. Parts of it will make you laugh and parts of it might make you cry. It is a story of the bond between a brother and sister who grew up in different worlds. It is as much Jose’s story as it is Elisa’s. This becomes most apparent in the second half of the story when Jose follows Elisa into her world to prove the depths of his love for her.

This story will be a digital-only release. I plan to release it on both Amazon and iTunes once it’s done.

Reimagining The Kingdom of Leonara

I consider myself lucky I only wrote the first few paragraphs of the opening story. This is going to sound wierd but I’ve decided to revamp the saga after a dream I had a few days ago. I’ll get to that in a bit but first, I want to flesh out here the world this pure Fantasy series takes place in.

The saga takes place on a world not unlike earth called Salaria. The kingdom of Leonara is on a large, montainous continent called Draconia. It’s believed when the world was new, a large dragon chose the landmass as its final resting place, becoming one with the land itself. The first king of Bastone, King Arnheart Basara I founded Chesire in the year 800 BCE–Before Civil Era–making it the first true human kingdom. There were towns and villages scattered across the known world but Bastone is the first bastion of human power in the world–hence the name, which also coincides with the name of its first king.

I’ll pause for a moment and say the kingdom’s name is changed in the first story’s prologue to Leonara. Leonara Leonis, also called Lady Nara or Nara for short enters arena combat and wins the right to have any wish under heaven granted to her by the king. To avoid controversy, she enters the tournament, she excludes her last name. Nara is the second-youngest participant in the annual event’s history (age 14 is the yongest, she was 16 though) and would go on to the first female entrant to win the contest. Looking to quickly curry the favor and respect of her fellow knights by entering the tournament, she quickly rises through the ranks and ultimately wins the tournament.

Upon being declared the winner of the tournament, she boldly asks the king to rename the kingdom after her. She’s won the respect of the entire kingdom and the admiration of representatives from visiting realms all at once…exactly as she planned. Sensing something familiar about Nara’s swordplay and the sword she fights with, the king agrees to her request on the spot but in exchange he demands to know why such a prodigy was unknown to him until now. “It’s as you guessed, Your Majesty.” She replies. “My real name is Leonara Leonis. My father Aster Leonis sends his regards, his sword…and me.” Everyone looks on in stunned silence to know they have just been blessed with the arrival of the daughter of a swordsman once revered as a hero of the kingdom.

It’s said Aster broke a taboo and because of it, he’s since been referred to as a Fallen Champion. He disappeared from the public eye for some time and hadn’t been heard from in almost 10 years. Nara’s arrival is viewed as confirmation his line will continue. The following morning, King Vincent Arnheart announces that henceforth, the kingdom will be known as Leonara in honor of the greatest knight the realm will ever know.

…Mind you, this is just in the story’s prologue.

As I just mentioned, there are other kingdoms in the world of Salaria. After 10 years of training and learning, Nara and her childhood friend Edward Walhart become full-fledged knights of the kingdom and given charge of their own brigade. They’re deployed with a detachment to Vulcan, a port city on the other side of the continent. They are under under the command of the kingdom’s crown prince, Gowen Arnheart who leads the expedition. After getting sidetracked by brigands, aiding a town being hassled by marauding Orcs and then a member of the group befriending a unicorn, they arrive in Vulcan in time to help them fight off pirates attacking the city. For their heroism, the town magistrate throws a feast in their honor.

The celebration is cut short when Prince Gowen reveals the real purpose of their expedition: To ask Vulcan to become a part of the kingdom. It’s been 200 years since the kingdom expanded its boarders. The knights and the town magistrate are both shocked when the crown prince reveals he made a deal with his father the king: If Vulcan couldn’t be convinced to become a part of their kingdom, he was fully prepared to take it by force. The trials their group faced on their way convinced him beyond reasonable doubt that if ordered to, they would not hesitate to assist him in annexing the city using brute force. Having already seen what they were capable of, the magistrate is left with little choice but to accept Gowen’s terms. That’s when Edward makes a suggestion that may work for both sides.

A week later, King Vincent receives word Vulcan has agreed to their terms and is requesting men and supplies to reinforce the town’s defenses. The letter also notes highlights of the group’s exploits on their way to the city and half of the group led by Nara and Edward left port to take the fight to the pirates on a nearby island. The King orders two of his retainers to each lead a detatchment of soldiers to the town and to personally assist Nara and Edward in their task. By the time reinforcements arrive in Vulcan, the pirates have no only been defeated but pressed into service. Prince Gowan was impressed with their sense of honor and has decided Vulcan will be a second home for the kingdom’s naval forces.

It goes without saying Nara and Edward return to the capital to a hero’s welcome.

…Mind you, this is just about a quarter of the FIRST book so…yeah. The royal family’s fast relationship with an artisan family is a big part of the second part of the book.

Prince Gowan’s kid sister Princess Florette–called Flo for short by her friends and family–befriends a new classmate named Diantha Kloris. The young princess later learns from her father and older brother Yoshua the Kloris family were lowborn but after years of hard work, they made enough wealth to move into the artisan district on the third level of the capital, Chesire (more on this in a bit). The Kloris family represent the best of two worlds in the king and queen’s eyes: They came from nothing and after years of hard work, they had made it. Even the nobility respects them, which was a rare thing in itself.

Yoshua befriends Diantha’s older brother Enick, who works as a chef in a tavern frequented by the knights. His food is known throughout the capital and he is pleasantly surprised when he learns Enick is Diantha’s brother. The two share stories of being middle children with an older brother, a kid sister and the pressure to not be regarded as “the spare son”: While Yoshua’s brother Gowen is the crown prince, Enick’s older brother Harvan is a Mystic Knight and one of Gowen’s retainers.

The next day, Queen Hatari realizes the Kloris children and the Arnheart children have become pretty close in a very short amount of time yet she hasn’t actually met either of their parents. The head of the family, Roland Kloris worked in the North Armory. According to the records on file, his wife Keima was a tailor by trade. Queen Hatari then decides to make an unannounced visit to the old girls’ school Florette and Diantha attends to learn more about the Klovis family herself. The girls are surprised to find the queen of Leonara waiting for them at the gates of the school one day after class. Diantha is in for the surprise of her life when the queen tells her she would like to meet her mother.

Excitement changes to horror when they arrive at the Kloris family home to find Keima passed out on the floor. As luck would have it, Queen Hatari herself is the best doctor in the kingdom. Her medical skills are unrivaled and she has never lost a patient placed in her care. The queen quickly realizes this is no normal sickness: Keima has been poisoned. It’s a powerful toxin that puts the victim in a death-like sleep. It’s the kind usually used in to assassinate high-profile targets. Fortunately, they caught it in time so Keima’s life is not in immediate danger. They will still need to make a more powerful medicine that will be strong enough to negate the poison completely.

Some of the ingredients needed can be found in a region some of the knights who recently returned hail from. Queen Hatari summons Leonara to the palace, asking her to take Prince Yoshua, Harvan and some knights with her back to her hometown to collect the rest of the ingredients they need and return as quickly as possible. As soon as they leave, she summons Edward with a separate task: Work with Prince Gowen to find as arrest whoever is responsible. She didn’t want to involve Harvan which is why she sent him out of the city with Leonara and Yoshua. He might not be able to stop himself from killing the suspect or suspects.

By the time Nara’s group returns with the rest of the ingredients, Edward and Prince Gowen finish their task. It’s revealed Keima wasn’t the true target: It was Princess Florette, who was an unwhitting pawn in an intricate kidnapping plot involving a rival kingdom set in motion 10 years earlier. A plot that goes all the way to the throne of Leonara’s longtime enemy, the kingdom of Lysandre. The plot discovered is part of a much larger, boarder war the kingdoms fought when King Vincent was the crown prince 25 years earlier. A war in which Nara’s father Aster Leonis became a legend. The king decides the time has come to reform the order the two founded during the war: The Guardian Sages.

…I think that’s enough for now. That’s about half of the first book. Even so, this is just an outline of about half of what I have planned for half the book I just disclosed. There’s alot of details I left out on purpose!

I do want to reference the term at the end of that last paragraph. Those familiar with the Serene Adventure Sagas will probably remember they played a prominent role, as did Force Energy. Consider this what is called cross-promotion: At a certain point in one of the Serene Adventure stories, one of the main characters checks out a copy of The Kingdom of Leonara: Bloodlines–the second book in the series–which in part talks about The first Order of Guardian Sages. They are inspired by the group’s exploits and adopt the name.

…Two different worlds, though.

Back on topic:

  • The second book, Bloodlines focuses in part on a much younger Vincent Arnheart when he was still the crown prince and the order he founded with his best friend and retainer, Aster Leonis. Their exploits earned Vincent the nickname Radiant Crusader for rallying the entire nation to fight against a common enemy. It is also the story of how Aster Leonis became known as a Fallen Champion after the war, starting with when he met Nara’s mother Anrianna and ending with her death 7 years after their daughter is born.

In the third book Empire, Leonara faces its greatest threat since its founding: Across the sea on the continent Felorne, a sleeping giant awakens after 10,000 years of isolation: The Helion Empire. In ancient times, Helion was the God of Conquest. His power was so great and terrible, the other Gods of The Divine Council were forced to stop him from wiping out the mortal races. Even with the combined might of 8 other Gods, they could not kill him so instead, they sealed him away in a crypt deep underground in a remote part of Felorne. In the millenia that followed, the land healed from the destruction Helion wrought and in time, Helion was mostly forgotten to history.

…Until recently.

The year is 230 CE (Civil Era)–Five years after the events of the first book. The Helion Empire sends an armada to Draconia, capturing Vulcan and Nightshore and enslaving the entire populations of both cities. Bastone and Odyssion (Lysandre’s capital) rush reinforcements but arrive too late to break the siege. The speed in which they attacked and captured such large cities is beyond anything either kingdom has ever experienced.

Even more frightening is the realization in why they invaded: They are seeking the mortal children of the Gods who sealed Helion and those blessed by them from birth. It’s believed the divine blood in their veins will be enough to release The God of Conquest, who will then sweep across Salaria like a tidal wave unopposed. Both kingdoms heed the advice of the Divine Council and form an alliance to combat a common enemy.

They also task Leonara with finding 8 specific Demigods who combined will be able to reseal Helion. As the child of a former divine being herself, Leonara is uniquely suited to the task. As is revealed in the first story, Nara’s mother Anrianna was the Goddess of Fortitude and those who had her blessing could withstand and endure anything. Although Anrianna voluntarily shed her immortality in exchange for living as a human with Aster, she still retained her powers. Sensing Helion would soon return and fearing she would not be around by then, she secretly transferred most of her powers to Nara while she was pregnant.

Although Nara knew her late mother was once a goddess, she had no idea like her father chose her to be his successor, her mother had also chosen her to be her successor. Now a seasoned knight and swordswoman, Nara quickly realizes she has been thrust into a battle for not just the world but all living things. Helion’s thirst for vengeance runs deep and the alliance quickly realizes his proxy kingdom’s unspeakably callous and cruel warmongering is itself the point. Mountains of corpses are assured regardless of the outcome but the real question to be asked is will anyone survive?


  • In the fourth book Revolution, victory over Helion and the Helion Empire came at a terrible price–the deaths of two kings and the destruction of The Divine Council. Bastone has been left in ruins after Helion personally sacked the city. As Leonara said at the end of the war, “The Age of Mortals has begun”. After declining the offer of full divinity Nara, her husband Edward and their two young children decide to set sail for Gesthal, a continent virtually uninhabited. She visited the island briefly on her previous journey that took her around the world and decided to resettle there with her family and some of their friends. Twelve years later, Nara and Edward’s firstborn son Ellison travels to Leonara, the kingdom that bears his mother’s name to continue the family tradition.

That’s all I’ll share. Anyone who’s read any of my story overviews knows I like to give folks a pretty clear picture of what’s to come so…yeah. It goes without saying I have a very clear direction for this series. It will certainly take some time to write the whole series–I predict 4 to 6 years when I actually get to it–but I will get it done and I will not publish any of the books until I am 100% satisfied with the finished project.

This will be my first major project in Fantasy that isn’t a Fanfic. I consider the Serene Adventure Sagas Sci-Fi first and Fantasy second on that note. I plan to release the books in both physical and digital form. If the first book is well-received, spinoff stories in the same universe aren’t out of the question. I already have a few in mind actually.

…More info to come in time.



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Sawyer Rising: The revival of a community

I’ve been researching various Ghost Towns for the last few months. A ghost town is by definition a place whose reason for being was rendered obsolete, causing its population to fall to zero. The cause–usually economical in the U.S.–is less important as at the end of the day, no one lives there anymore and in most cases it’s no longer on the map. These are TRUE Ghost Towns. A Semi-Ghost Town is a Ghost Town that has a very small living population, usually less than 300.

The last century saw most small towns in the U.S. that fell into economic decline get absorbed into larger population centers. That said, Cambridge is NOT a part of Boston. it is a separate city and always was. I know that Dorchester, the North End and East Boston were all separate townships in Boston’s early days. Salem, MA started as a township and has since become a city.


For the most part, modern new townships/villages are assumed to have some or most of the following to deemed “alive”:

  • Human Population of 100+
  • Residences to support living population
  • 2 or more Food Stores or a Wal Mart/K-Mart/Target
  • 2 or more pharmacies or Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid
  • 1 or more Gas Stations
  • Place(s) of Worship
  • Cemetery
  • Post Office
  • 1 or more Banks
  • Power Plant or connections to power
  • Water Plant or connections to water
  • Waste Management Connections
  • Internet and Phone Collections
  • Road and Rail connections to existing towns/cities
  • 1 or more Elementary School
  • 1 or more High School
  • 1 or more Preschool/Daycare
  • 2 or more Medical Center(s)–usually a hospital and a clinic/health center
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department (even if the State Police or the U.S. Military have a presence nearby)
  • 1 or more Library
  • Town Hall
  • Bus Depot and/or Amtrak Train Station

…I think I covered most of the basics there. Those are all things needed to support and sustain a town’s living population. Stuff like jobs, shopping centers and attractions are secondary. These are all of the things one would reasonably expect a new modern population center to have though of course, they are built over a period of time.

Many would also have one or more of the following for the purposes of employment, tourism, commerce, manufacturing, research or historical significance:

  • Amusement Park (Six Flags, etc.)
  • Agriculture/Farms
  • Factory
  • Shopping Center/Mall
  • Military Base
  • Airport
  • Harbor (if by a Lake, River or Ocean)
  • Museum(s)
  • Local, State and/or Nationally Famous Landmark
  • Local, State and/or Nationally Famous Person
  • 1 or more University and/or College
  • 1 or more hotel(s)
  • 1 or more Minor League Sports Team
  • 1 or More Major League Sports Team

…Again, a general overview.

Like the previous list, they all speak for themselves. Semi-Ghost towns usually lack everything on this list EXCEPT the Argiculture/Farms or Factory portions. That and homeowners only live there for part of the year. Over time, most close to other population centers merged with them. If they were too far to merge, they adapted with the times.

Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, let’s talk about Sawyer Rising.

The basic premise is this: In 1890, the last family to live in the town of Sawyer, Nebraska moved to Chicago. The Irving family founded Sawyer 275 years earlier in 1615 at a time this part of the continent belonged to the Souix Nation. The British-American settlers who founded the town famously sought permission from Souix chieftains before the first house was built. It was a rare moment lost in time in which Native Americans and Europeans chose to live side by side with mutual respect.

Their bond was tested over the next 100 years as the European superpowers of the day brought their wars to North America. Originally named Marigold, the township was renamed Sawyer in honor of an African American slave named Sawyer who died shortly after warning the town of approaching British troops during the Revolutionary War. The messager named Sawyer died of his wounds but his heroism moved the town to arm themselves ahead of the British army’s arrival.

In the 115 years that followed the Revolutionary War, Sawyer was a major trade town for travelers and settlers heading west. It also served as a haven for runaway slaves on the lesser-known midwestern route to Canada in the years leading up to the the Civil War. Much of the region is still firmly controlled by the Souix, who jumped at every opportunity to undermine the U.S. Government.

When the Civil War broke out, a decision by the townsfolk is believed to have been what led to Sawyer becoming a ghost town: In 1865, a batallion of Confederare Soldiers attacked the town in a bid to turn it into a forward base and open a western from to flank the Union Army. Sawyer’s Native American allies were busy fighting the Union army and were only able to spare a few men to help defend the town. With a fighting force of 120 men, the Sawyer Militia held off the much larger Confederate Army, which numbered 800 men. When the Union Army arrived a week later, they found the forests and fields surrounding Sawyer littered with the dead and dying. It didn’t take them long to figure out what happened. They were still shocked a token militia wiped out a well-trained army that had managed to get reinforcements. The Union Army tried their luck in a bid to save face and penetrated as far as the town square before they were forced to retreat.

By the time the war ended, the 120 defenders had been reduced to 57. The Federal Government would not forget about Sawyer’s actions against both armies: In the years that followed, the U.S. Government forcibly reloacted hundreds of thousands of Native Americans to make room for settlers from the west and the transcontinental railroad. For Sawyer, which relied on trade with their Native American neighbors to survive the move was a deathblow.

As development ramped up, families quickly moved away one by one. James Irving was a former slave who moved to Sawyer as a boy a few years before the Civil War. The Irvings would be last family to leave the town. With his wife expecting their 5th child, James made the difficult decision to move to Chicago. James was one of the surviving members of the Sawyer Militia. He loved the town he’d grown up. Even so, he had a growing family he needed to take care of and made the difficult decision in the spring of 1890. The baby girl his wife was expecting was born into the family on the way to Chicago. She would be named Marigold in honor of the town’s original name. Marigold would travel to Sawyer in 1910 to bury her father, who requested he be buried in his childhood home. The town would be forgotten to time for the next 100 years.

In the summer of 2010, James Irving’s great grandson and Marigold’s grandson 25 year-old Tim Irving discovers his great grandfather’s diary. In the diary, James talked about his life growing up in Sawyer from learning to read and write to the siege during the Civil War, ending with the decision to leave the town 25 years later. He almost doesn’t believe it until his mother tells him the stories are true: Marigold, who passed away 15 years earlier kept everything her family brought from Sawyer.

There was a family legend Marigold passed on to her children and grandchildren: One day, an Irving would raise the town from the dead. Even if she didn’t live to see it, Sawyer would be reborn. The catch is they first needed to find it. 100 years later, the town wasn’t on any map. Based on Marigold’s description of the town when she visited in 1930, only the elements reclaimed the town. Only the Town Hall remained standing and that was back in 1930. Tim vows to find the town and rebuild it himself. Not just for his grandmother and great-grandfather but for himself. It would be the ultimate challenge given his career choice is construction. Five years later, Tim would found his own company: Marigold Co., in honor of his grandmother.

This is where the story begins. I’m actually considering also writing a prequel to this story: The Sawyer Militia, which would cover James Irving’s early years and end with him leaving town. Haven’t decided yet if I will make it a full novel or not. I certainly should after that backstory on the town’s past I typed there.

…Sawyer Rising is Tim Irving’s story though. The story is one part family history, one part engineering, one part fiction and one part visionary. Put them together and you have a facinating story of trial and triumph. You have a guy who, upon finding the bones of the most gentrified–but fictional–town in North America dedicates the next 25 years of his life not only rebuilding it bringing it up to modern-day standards. It’s no easy task given the town lay dormant for 125 years: Roads will need to be paved, powerlines and pipes will need to be laid and more. It will be difficult but certainly not impossible–It helps Tim is the President and CEO of a construction company!

I plan to spend 2 to 3 years on this story. I don’t consider it Sci-Fi since currently existing technology and construction techniques will be used and featured throughout the story for the town’s development. I’m no expert on certain aspects so yes, I will be doing research while writing this story–I have it pretty good idea for how I want to approach certain events.

Remember the two lists I showed above? In the interests of generating some buzz, Sawyer will definitely contain all of the following from both lists by the time the story’s finished:

  • A Police Station
  • A Fire Station
  • An Train Station
  • A Bus Depot
  • 2 Medical Centers
  • A Solar Power Plant
  • A Natural Gas Power Plant
  • A Post Office
  • A Library
  • 3 Schools
  • 2 Colleges
  • 3 hotels
  • 1 Airport

…I am keeping the final population number a secret for now but after the first 5 years, it will be 25,000. There will also be stuff other than what’s shown here added to Sawyer.

Now I want to talk about the sequel a bit, which begins 10 years after the first story begins. By this time, Marigold Co. is approached by representatives from Haiti and Cuba. Both island nations would like Marigold Co. to do some major work in Havana and Port-au-Prince, the islands’ capital cities: Cuba wants several skyscrapers and a shopping mall built. Haiti wants a skyscraper, a hospital and a university but there’s a catch: The job in Haiti will require the company to only use manpower from the island nation. In addition, the job in Cuba has a 5-year time limit to be completed on time.

Tim Irving accepts both challenges and appoints two of his understudies to lead each project: Grima Robina will go to Cuba while Annie Corrin will go to Haiti, her homeland. Grima is forced to have the resources and building materials for the skyscrapers prepared in Florida and then flown in due to the lack of room to do it in Havana. Meanwhile Annie’s eyes are opened to the institutionalized poverty in Haiti and makes it her personal mission to “break the chains of her people’s bondage”.

Sawyer Rising: Skyline will be two stories in one package. I plan to write both novels at the same time. With both novels, I will use currently existing technology and construction techniques. More info will come once both novels are nearly finished. Look forward to it.

A few new Serene Adventure Saga Shorts I’m working on

The cool thing about these short stories is though they are canon, they are side stories. Furthermore, you don’t need to have read the main stories to enjoy them. They’re more of a special treat and will ALWAYS be free of charge =O

At the moment, I have drafted four Serene Adventure Saga Shorts, or SASS for short:

  • Birth Child is inspired by the Manga Kodomo no Kodomo. Twelve year-old Serenity Eva Toss meets a new friend in sixth grade named Jessica Grant. Serenity accidently learns a secret about Jessica after the two attend Health class together. Jessica makes Serenity promise not to tell anyone else her secret and she reluctantly agrees. When Jessica suddenly passes out after school one day, Serenity takes her to see her older sister Celes, who is a doctor.  The problem is for legal reasons, Celes has to tell Jessica’s parents about her secret.
  • The Unwalked Path is about how Richard, Laura and Kari Alphonse’s lives could have been had they been allowed to be a family. Fate forced them apart. After losing both of her parents on the same day and burying them, Laura Alphonse can only think about what could have been if they were able to live as a family. With a little help from Angelisa, Laura is given three days’ time to live the life she deserved.
  • Dexterose is a story in which Mark Anthony helps his friends Dexter Hershel and Ramia Fatimah Mohamed admit their feelings for each other in high school. Hilarity ensues when his girlfriend Aurina Highwind mistakenly believes he’s seeing another girl.
  • Shattered Hope is the story of Terra Ortiz’s very first pregnancy when she was 17, which ended in a stillbirth. On the anniversary of her first child’s stillbirth, Terra shares her story with Laura Alphonse, who just lost her father and the mother she never knew on the same day.


…And of course by drafted, I mean started writing.

The first one….haven’t written anything like this before. Both the second and fourth stories speak to Laura and Terra coping with the pain of unimaginable loss. The third will actually be my first romantic comedy.

I am working on some concept art for some of the characters using Apps on my iPad. Once they are ready, I will share them here. All four stories will be posted on this blog, Inkitt and Tumblr. They will all be posted in their entirely as they’re completed. Look forward to the first one set to be released soon.

Now using Inkitt to publish (Free) stories

Click the pic to go to my Inkitt Profile. A new window will open.

I just wanted to let everyone know. I have actually had an Inkitt account for two years but waited until the site added an import from Fictionpress feature last month to start actively using it. LOL.

That said, I will give Inkitt’s admins props for not only taking the protection of user-submitted stories seriously but not allowing anything and everything to posted on their site. Inkitt’s for folks who are serious about their writing and in my case, has been looking for an alternative to Fictionpress. I made the announcement on my Fictionpress profile 90 minutes ago to let folks there know about the change.

The need for folks to move on from Fictionpress and is pretty serious. Every day, work from both sites is plagiarized, sometimes even for profit. To add insult to injury Fictionpress, like Deviant Art does nothing to protect your published work. It’s literally “post your work here at your own risk” though both sites like to downplay how dad it really is. This is the REAL reason I stopped posting my work on Fictionpress.

I will post my free work on Inkitt, AO3, Deviant Art and this blog from now on. by the way no, I won’t change the name of this blog. It will continue to go by the name Aurabolt’s Fiction Press =D

Announcing a new Sci-Fi story — Title Not Finalized

So anyways,  this story I’m introducing is an entirely new genre for me though it is a rewrite of some stories I wrote about seven years ago on Fictionpress. Almost all of the characters featured in those story will be back. It feels wierd saying that knowing I’m probably the only who would really know the details. I may re-release the first two stories from that series since they’re done on Fictionpress again. Or not.

So, on to the new one. For the time being, the working title is Serene Overload: Future Past. The main title is a reference to a text-based web game I co-developed with a friend about 12 years ago. That said, this will be a single story and not a series as most of the elements covered in the source material will be used.

Here’s an overview of the story:

  • Future Past is in the Serene Adventure universe but takes place in an alternate timeline and is 1500 years into the future. In the original timeline, Mariko Ebihara is Earth’s first Eternal Champion. In the alternate timeline this story follows, Mariko died in Japan before ever meeting her brother Ted Toss, who becomes the first Eternal Champion instead. This single change drastically alters the course of history.
  • Eternal Champions are so named not just because they are all-powerful but because they are biologically immortal. Realizing the danger in allowing one to wield that kind of power for too long, Ted adopts the policy used on Kyomora and Pangaea. He decrees Earth’s Eternal Champion can only be in power for 100 years and not a day more. 75 years into his time as Eternal Champion, the other Champions of Earth would choose the next Eternal Champion by vote. The standing Eternal Champion has no say in the selection or the confirmation processes. Once there are 10 years remaining, the standing Eternal Champion’s powers will begin to fade and their successor gains immortality.
  • The above said, Ted Toss is succeeded by another, who is in turn succeeded. The line of succession continues for 500 years. The current Eternal Champion is a man named Andrew Rommell. 50 years into his term, World War IV breaks out. The rules of war are thrown out the window and nuclear weapons are used. The devastation leaves humanity on the brink of extinction. Andrew is horrified the human population has fallen from 14 Billion to 2 Billion almost overnight. Three quarters of the world’s knowledge is lost as well.
  • Andrew asks their allies for help but they refuse, saying it was a human problem that must be solved by humans. Enraged, Andrew cuts diplomatic relations with Kyomora and Pangaea. It is a move that shocks even the other Champions. Andrew declares priority is ensuring mankind survives first and recovers what it lost second. If they refuse to help, they aren’t needed. Earth’s Champions estimate the process will take 2,000 years. Andrew believes it can be done in 500 years but only if he is Eternal Champion for that long.
  • The Champions refuse to grant Andrew an extension, citing the agreement they all swore with The Toss Family to never allow the Eternal Champion to stay in power for a day longer than agreed. A pact he himself is bound by.
  • Things between Andrew and the other Champions are at an impasse for the next 20 years. With the help of The Hero of Order, One of the Champions meets with Abyssion Highwind in secret. Abyssion, who is himself an Eternal Champion but of another world has the power to kill another Eternal Champion. What The Champions of Earth aren’t aware of is Ted made him promise to punish Earth’s Eternal Champion if they broke the rules.
  • Abyssion agrees to the request and leaves for Earth at once. When Andrew sees him, he knows it’s to kill him and attacks. Abyssion quickly overpowers him and subdues the far less experienced swordsman. After seeing all of the earth’s major cities are in ruins, Abyssion declares mankind brought this on themselves and wiping out the rest would be an act of mercy. Instead, they will have 1,000 years to learn what their descendants learned in prior to the end of the 19th century: How to survive with what they have. He then executes Andrew and the other Champions, saying once new Champions of Earth have come forward, they will decide who the next Eternal Champion will be. The event is called Abyssion’s Judgement and ushers in the beginning of the Post-Champion Era, or PCE.
  • It is now the year 950PCE. Long forgotten technology is slowly being relearned. Mankind has rediscovered the secrets of the automobile, flight and mass production. Despite these gains, Abyssion’s words were never forgotten: Once new Champions have come forward, it will pave the way for the return of an Eternal Champion. In a society where Slavery is legalized, some are trying to make Champions out of the humans they own as property. The New World is the equivalent of our world in 1978.
  • The legendary Toss Family was spared Abyssion’s Judgement and have long since gone into hiding to prevent those with evil or greedy hearts from using them for their own ends. Angelisa Toss, the Hero of Chaos is the last surviving 21st-Century human thanks to her powers. She speaks nothing of her living relatives, furthering speculation they may in fact be extinct.
  • Various factions control the world’s resources. The United States of America controls all of North America, Australia and a handful of territories in the Middle East and Africa. Russia and China merge into a confederation and control most of the Asian landmass and half of Europe between them while England controls the other half of Europe. All three factions also control most of the world’s technology between them. They have formed a coalition to battle their mutual arch enemy, the Atlantic Knights.
  • The Atlantic Knights have arisen to challenge the three superpowers. They are led a mysterious but deadly Swordswoman known as The Mankiller. The Mankiller Clan was wiped out by the United States but it would seem at least one survived the extermination. Few within the Atlantic Knights have seen her face, her wareabouts a closely guarded secret. The Atlantic Knights are descendants of former Champions who lived before Abyssion’s Judgement. They oppose a world order where humans are openly bought and sold and where the strong dominate the weak. They also fight to destroy Human Ranches and Baby Factories, freeing the enslaved of their bondage.
  • Slavery continues to be the most profitable market. 500 years of gene-splicing experiments have led to the creation of a new race called Crossbreeds–half human, half animal. Those who birth as human livestock are called Breeders. Their sole purpose is to make new livestock until they die. Those unable to bear children attend to those who can. Male offspring are trained for manual labor while most female offspring are groomed to become Breeders themselves. Efforts are made to ensure Breeders are not mated with blood relatives.
  • Those who conceive, gestate and birth “The Old Way” are called Organics: In an age where humans are bought and sold as livestock, advances in science have made it possible for woman to mass produce children on an industrial scale. Gene therapy treatments ensure Breeders produce a yield of average of 3 to 7 crop (Babies) per pregnancy. Fertility treatment is used to ensure conception and a large yield. Rush injections are used to stimilate fetal growth, drastically shortening pregnancy from 40 weeks (9 months) to 12 weeks (3 months) though in very large doses, it’s possible to cut gestation to 3 weeks.
  • The punishment for a Breeder who tries to escape or kill themselves is steep: They are transferred to Research and Development where they are used in human experiments, usually resulting in the birth of Crossbreeds. Livestock who birth Crossbreeds are not allowed back in the general population and usually live out the rest of their days in solitary confinement.
  • The human population hovers just above 5 Billion worldwide. The ruins of once-great civilizations stand as constant reminders of mankind’s past and serve as both inspiration and contempt. Young women of childbearing age are the most desired slaves followed by strong, young men with good genes to breed with them. In a society where distrust is commonplace, being able to breed your own standing workforce or army within 20 to 30 years is preferred over pooling resources.

…Mind you, that’s just the sequence of events in the story’s PREQUEL. I’m gonna skim over this in the first few chapters of the book. The story is very Sci-Fi heavy obviously but I can assure you this story is not erotica. I described a few mechanics in The New World in such detail because they matter to the story. For those who have a pregnancy-related fetish, this story will NOT be free so if you want to read it, you ARE going to pay for it =D

Now, let me re-introduce you to some of the main characters, most of whom have new names:

  • Aryla Veniss, age 20 is Second Generation Breeding Livestock: Her mother owed a debt to the American Government. In exchange for serving time in jail, her mother sells her womb to the highest bidder at the American Human Ranch in Kenya. Even after she dies, the debt is passed on to her children and more specifically, the daughters of child-bearing age. Aryla has already birthed thirteen children she wasn’t even allowed to name, all of whom were taken to away to be sold as soon as they were born. Now expecting her 14th child, Arya’s arms and legs bear the scars of several past escape attempts. Since she was pregnant during her escape attempts, she avoids the harshest of penalties. She resolves to give the single child in her belly the life she was denied no matter what.
  • 25 year-old Chinese Supermodel Chen Wing Xi becomes pregnant after being raped by a stalker. To the astonishment of her friends and colleagues, she decides to carry the pregnancy to term instead of getting an abortion. Not yet ready to be a mother, she picks a couple from Beijing’s Elite Upper Class to be the adopting parents. On the day of her planned induction, Chen discovers she was the unwhitting victim of a conspiracy, she’s carrying twins and the adopting couple is after her. Her cover as a supermodel was blown when she became pregnant. She flees the country to assume her true role as a the leader of the rebel faction Atlantic Knights.
  • 21 year-old Amy Reid and her husband Chris were poor, homeless and on the verge of starving to death in the American State of Maine. A chance encounter with the Foreman of a Baby Factory changes things: As the last living Native American in the state, Amy is offered the means to live comfortably in exchange for becoming a Paid Breeder. Unlike slaves and Human Ranches, Paid Breeders were free and were paid well in exchange for every healthy baby they carried to term and delivered. Also unlike slaves, she was Organic: No gene therapy, no fertility treatment and no rush injections. When the Baby Factory is attacked by the Atlantic Knights, Amy and Chris are forced to flee for their lives across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Agent Wade Normandy is one of the American Government’s Titans: Living weapons created from conception to do their government’s will on command without fail. Normandy was given the nickname Dreadlord by the Atlantic Knights after he singlehandedly slaughtered his way through five of their cities in southeast Asia and the South Pacific over the course of three days. Men, Women, pregnant women and childen alike were slaughtered during the American campaign that saw Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar annexed by the United States. All told, it’s believed 45 million souls were slain by him and an additional 15 million unborn. When Aryla escapes confinement and Chen disappears, Normandy and Florence are dispatched to bring them back alive no matter the cost.
  • Agent Lin Florence is one of the American Government’s Titans and Normandy’s partner. Unlike her partner, Florence is a former Atlantic Knight reprogrammed for the government’s needs. She has no memories of her life before she became a Titan save her bloodlust. The Atlantic Knights note her unique style of swordplay is frighteningly similar to the legendary Mankiller Clan, Master Swordfighters. The problem is the government tracked down and killed every single one of them a quarter-century ago, most personally killed by Normandy. If Florence isn’t from that long extinct clan, where did she learn to fight like them?
  • The Hero of Chaos Angelisa Toss has lived for almost two millenia thanks to her powers.  Despite the passage of time, her powers prevent her from looking any older than an adult female in their late 20s. Affectionately called Angel by her family and friends, she travels the world using her powers to help those in need. She doesn’t stay in one place for more than a few weeks to prevent the people from getting too used to having her around. While she is neutral in the conflict between The Coalition and The Atlantic Knights, she sympathizes with the latter faction’s struggles. Even when one of her descendants is killed in America’s northeast by the rebels, she firmly remains neutral. When whispers of a young, prodigal swordswoman living in America’s midwest reaches her ears, the name of one person comes to mind.
  • Anthony Marcus is Chen’s longtime pilot and trusted friend. His past is shrouded in mystery and not even Chen knows much about him before they met. His son Colin works with him as a mechanic and co-pilot. Whenever his resemblance to First Generation Champion Mark Anthony Toss is brought up, he simply replies “I get that all the time.”
  • When he lived on Earth, Abyssion Highwind was one of Earth’s 1st Generation Champions. Even then, Abyssion was  2,000 years old due to his heritage as a Nephilim: Half human, half demon. Shortly after Ted Toss became Eternal Champion, Abyssion took all the Nephilim living on Earth and traveled to a distant planet called Terminus. This paved the way for Abyssion himself to become an Eternal Champion. When an envoy from Earth asks him to intervene with a rogue Eternal Champion, he deals with the problem personally. He promised Earth’s first Eternal Champion he would only step in if absolutely necessary. 1000 years after passing judgement on Earth’s Champions, he watches with interest to see if the bet Ted made with him will pay off.
  • Tyria Valen is a Nephilim living on earth who fights for the Atlantic Knights. She is tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with a large Crossbreed settlement in the American state of Florida. That’s just a cover: What not even Chen is aware of is Tyria is really Abyssion Highwind’s granddaughter Jade Highwind. She is his eyes and ears on Earth but in addition to that, she is also trying to find out what became of her father and brother. The one thing she knows for sure is they are both alive and likely traveling together.


…Ok, that’s plenty. That’s most of the major characters you need to know about. The rest, you’ll have to read the finished product. Some of the names look familiar I mentioned above the story will be sold and not offered for free. That is mostly true. I WILL, however offer the prologue and the first two chapters as ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle and possibly iOS and Google Play as well. I figure that’s more than enough for folks to decide if they wanna see the rest or not.

The finished product will have at least 20 chapters. I will also sell it in both Paperback form and as an eBook. Paperback will sell for $18 USD while the eBook will sell for $12. Let’s jsut say I think the finished product will justify the price tag! I will provide more info once the Preview Version is done. I expect that to take the rest of the year.


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