Our Family Matters and Origins Manuscripts

by brendan2k5

I was looking through older files related to the Serene Adventure stories when I found the manuscripts for Our Family Matters and Serene Adventure Origins. I created the manuscripts for a publishing company in Germany but after reading the fine print I decided not to publish my stories through them. The fact that it was always several days before I heard from them via email told me not to go with them. Having to pay them for any revisions I want to do and their prettymuch owning my stories for at least five years were deal breakers.

Interestingly both manuscripts are now dated as of last April. Even so they are still complete stories that are ready for publishing. I’m sure some of you are asking the question why I never got them published as an E-Book. If I knew the publisher wouldn’t go out of its way to make sure I don’t get paid (Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing) I’d have found one by now. One thing most don’t give me enough credit for is I do my research especially when it comes to publishing my stories. I have yet to find an e-Book publisher I’m comfortable with using. For me the two major draws are being paid my royalties in a timely fashion and a simple publishing process. I have yet to find anything online that offers both.

Given both Manucripts are pretty much dated I am considering offering them for free but I haven’t decided yet. See the link above as to why I consider both manuscripts to be dated.