First Non-Fiction Story Coming Soon

by brendan2k5

Anyone who knows me personally has wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes. Like what does an average day for me look like? If you’ve ever wanted to see things from my perspective, your chance will soon arrive. I will be writing about specific moments in my life. Two moments will be available for free on Fictionpress but for the rest, I’m sorry but I’m gonna ask you to pay for it.

The book will be titled Aurabolt: The Critical Moments and focuses on ten or twelve very specific moments in my life and the immediate aftermath. Find out how I handled my first day of City Year back in 2003. See what I thought about social stereotypes when I was in High School. Most interestingly, what makes my recently declared political aspirations so interesting in the grand scope of things.

Now since I did mention I’m going to give you two free snapshots on Fictionpress I must insist you buy the book when it is eventualy released. The freebies are just a little something to get you interested. The lion’s share of the goods, however will be in the book itself. Many of you are already familiar with the variety of writing techniques I incorporate in my stories. Now imagine that same style with a greater intensity.  Even my critics won’t be able to resist reading the preview stories I’m posting on Fictionpress.

I’ve started on both stories and plan to be done by early spring at the latest. Keep following this blog for more details.