Revised Baby of Mine now online

by brendan2k5

Earlier this week  ago I pulled Baby of Mine off Fictionpress to give it a major make over. Almost 24 hours later the revised first chapter was uploaded.

Before I took the story offline the story had been written up to a mysterious woman attacking Celes and Jenna’s cousin Violet being introduced. As of the new chapter 1 the woman has a name: Kara Valm. Also introduced was her younger sister Sumi, who will pay an important role in this story. Alphonse’s daughter is introduced as well. All three characters will return in later stories as well.

This is only the third time I have ever completely rewritten a story I already posted and the first time I’m doing it for a story I didn’t finish writing. I’m feeling pretty excited about to to be honest. Its like bringing the story back from the dead. I’m doing it because it’s necessary.

After I finish Baby of Mine I’m going to get started on the story that comes before it, Unshed Tears. That story will be a single chapter and I don’t expect it to take very long to write. After that I’ll do Abyssion’s story. It’s gone through a couple title changes since I started drafting the story’s progression 4 years ago. The working title I’m using now is Knight of Darkness.  I would’ve preferred just saying “Dark Knight” but since DC Comics uses that phrase in referring to Batman, I don’t feel like getting into it with DC.

As for this story, it’ll be at least 20 Chapters long. The second-biggest complaint folks have with the Serene Adventure series is things move too fast. That’s the main reason I’m rewriting Origins to Champions. It certainly helps aside from Baby of Mine, The Angel Zenth Project and I Go to The Rock (Working title, reboot of Judgement Call starring Fin and Hannah) the stories will not overlap with each other. For example, in Baby of Mine Ted and Ann leave for Korea and are there during the summer. What they were doing is gone over in detail in The Angel Zenth Project.

Also in Baby of Mine Terra, Mark Anthony and Serenity (who doesn’t appear in Baby of Mine) are in Arkansas during the summer with Fin. When Ted and Ann return to Boston in The Angel Zenith Project, Fin leaves for Boston in time for the birth of Nick and Ilana (Due to my 4 year old niece’s name being Alana I’ve decided to switch the character Ilana’s First and Middle names. Originally, her middle name is Ilana but now it will be Ilana Alana Toss.). During his time in Boston he mentions what’s been going on in Little Rock. While Fin’s in Boston Hannah tells Terra and Gina about her life before she came to Little Rock.

Speaking of which: This is jumping ahead a little bit but I’ll tell you how the reboot affects the Guardian Sages and The Force Lords:

  • Originally, Mark made first contact with Kyomora before the events of As Life Goes On. This time he makes first contact with Kyomora in I Go to the Rock.
  • Originally, Mark and Ted visit Kyomora while Celes is giving birth to Aeris in As Life Goes On. This time, Mark finishes his space bridge at the end of Cheers, Boston and visits Kyomora for the first time with Katrin, Ted and Laura Alphonse in Queen of Two Worlds, which focuses on Katrin and Midas’ relationship from first date to the birth of the Midas Eight.
  • The Pangeans, who were conquered 20,000 years earlier and are now a puppet state of the Kyogean Empire make a brief appearance in Queen of Two Worlds. The history of Kyomora, Pangea and the Kyogeans is revealed in Queen Medusa’s story Paragon of Kyomora. The story ends with the Kyomorians deciding to work with the orphaned Emperor Altrius Serdic to liberate Pangea.
  • The fight for Pangea takes place during the events of the reboot of Serene Adventure III: Imperial Revolution (new subtitle). The accompanying side story King Midas focuses on Midas and Katrin resettling the lost continent Starry Heavens. The continent was long thought uninhabited for centuries when Queen Medusa came to power in Palm. Not only are there people living there but there’s even a Kyogean Base. The Midas Eight make their first appearance together in this story.
  • Eve Frost’s story is explained in the other side story titled Tamer of Emerald Eden.

That’s the rundown. Starry Heavens takes place after the main story Imperial Revolution. As a throwback to the original story, the name of the stories in this series is Starry Heavens since almost all of it takes place on Kyomora and Pangea. After I’ve finished writing all of the stories in Our Family Matters and As Life Goes On, I’ll give you a preview of what’s to come in The reimagined Serene Adventure IV: Champions. Expect to wait 2 to 3 years!