It’s been 6 months since I last wrote an original or non-fiction story

by brendan2k5

Mostly due to work and the fact that I moved across town in August. During Boston’s Snow Day this past Wednesday I went through what I now call the Legacy Versions of the Serene Adventure stories: Our Family Matters, As Life Goes On, Origins, Starry Heavens and Champions. That’s the order I wrote them in and of them, Champions was the only one that was never finished. Our Family Matters and As Life Goes On were both rewritten a few years back (Author’s Cut) and were even turned into Manuscripts for publishing. Aside from my own dissatisfaction with the publisher I was negotiating with at the time, I realized later my stories were not publishable.

Looking now at what I call the Legacy Versions of the Serene Adventure series, I finally understand why they were never popular on Fictionpress, Writer’s Cafe or Live Deviant Art:

  • As I said several times at the time I was writing it, Serene Adventure III: Starry Heavens was the blueprint I wrote for a game I was designing with a friend of mine. It was a text-based game and while we did make a working beta, it never developed past that. I also made a tech demo using RPG Maker in 2008 but like the browser-based game never developed past the demo. I didn’t realize it at the time but the adjustments I made to the storyline and characters for both games I worked on changed the scope of the rest of the series. The big takeaway from the shift is it forced me to make Force Energy a tangible resource used my the characters throught the stories.
  • The overemphasis on the characters’ special abilities was made at the expense of character development. I believe this is why I eventually lost interest in finishing Serene Adventure IV: Champions. By the time I realized what needed to be done, I’d lost track of where the plot was to go next.
  • Going with the above: The characters were too stiff and formal with how the interacted with each other. This played more to my own personality and is the main reason I also write Fan Fiction. Writing Fan Fiction helps me improve my character writing skills, which can then be used to improve my own stories.


In the revised Baby of Mine I started posting online last summer, I’ve prettymuch reset Celes’ personality and that of the family members introduced so far. In addition to that I’ve completely overhauled the story itself and the subsequent stories to follow. I’m going to focus less on writing stories in a specific sequence and forcus more on just writing the story itself.

Throughout this year I will slowly introduce you to the new background stories of the Serene Aventure series by stories focusing on them. I expect this to take a while as I will also include a sketch for each character. It’s been nearly 10 years since the Kyomorians were first introduced in Serene Adventure II: As Life Goes On and only two pictures of Kyomorians exist. They’re my characters, after all. The least I can do is make a sketch or two of them.

I will work on my other series as well as develop some new ones down the road. I’m even thinking of finishing my Future’s Past miniseries on Fictionpress. In 2005 I wrote The Baby Trade, a futuristic story in which anyone can be bought for the right price. It was only 3 chapters long but it was a hit at the time. Crossbreeds is the sequel I wrote the following spring with hints of a crossover with the Serene Adventure series. The followup story American Revolution plays on that crossover a bit further but I never got past writing the first two chapters of that story. I will take another look at the miniseries next week but I’m positive I’m going to have to rewrite the first two stories in addition to finish the third this summer.

Just a little something to break things up.

Since I know some folks will probably bring it up later, the only original story I’m currently working on is Baby of Mine though I will get started on The Angel Project later this year. I’ve written enough of Baby of Mine to say it will be completed by the end of the year. The only Fan Fiction story I currently am writing has not been uploaded yet so I can take my time.

The Aurabolt’s got plenty of gas left in the tank and I’m more than a one-genre show ^_^