Taking Another Look at Amazon’s E-Book Publishing Service

by brendan2k5

I was ordering some physical Manga volumes earlier this morning when I noticed there are almost 5 million ebooks on Amazon. Based on what I was able to gauge the eBook scene is not all that different from Fanfiction.net, Fictionpress, Writer’s Cafe, AO3 and TWCS: A growing trend that is really angering eBook readers is authors selling their stories piece by piece, usually a chapter at a time.

These stories, also called novella are sold this way for one of two reasons: The author deliberately releases a chapter at a time to stretch profits from the same story or due to the provider’s publishing process it’s easier doing it this way or both. With the first one, more and more casual readers have gotten wise to this tactic and simply will not indulge unless the booklet is being offered for free. Even when free you can’t help but wonder if the author should’ve just spent more time on it. With the second one this is where Fictionpress or AO3 would come in handy: You can upload the story bit by bit at your own rate and then when you’re confident with it you can publish the story as an eBook.

As it stands now, the only stories I’ve written that are currently publishable are being revamped. I’m referring to the Legacy versions of Serene Adventure: Our Family Matters and Serene Adventure II: As Life Goes On. I COULD publish them as standalone stories to generate interest in the characters and if I did, I would just publish them for $5 each. On the offchance the stories have a following, I would reconsider publishing The Serene Adventure Sagas as eBooks instead of on Fictionpress.

The obvious “I could use the extra income” aside, I have my pride as a writer. If it’s not worth reading all the way through, it’s not worth paying for. I would also slightly change the titles of these two books plus Origins so there isn’t confusion when  finish a few stories of the revamped series. I’d just drop the Serene Adventure part and just call them Legacy. I would release the first chapter of Legacy: Our Family Matters for free ahead of the rest of the story but include it with the full story for $5. I would just sell Legacy: As Life Goes On for $5. Legacy: Origins would be free,  Starry Heavens isn’t worth publishing as an eBook and though Champions was never finished, I could probably publish it to a certain point for $5.

Before I forget, click here if you want to see my stories as they are now. I took down Champions last summer but I will reupload it after Anime Boston. I will post the chapters up to what will be the final chapter of the story for the sake of me saying I finishing it. I have other stuff planned of course but they’re on hold at least until I’ve finished my current load.

So to recap, I’m considering publishing four of the Legacy Serene Adventure stories as eBooks on Amazon. My question to those who follow me on Facebook is this: How much do you think my stories are worth?