Legacy: Our Family Matters now on Amazon as an eBook!

by brendan2k5

Click the picture to go to My Author Page on Amazon. A new window will open.

Our Family Matters is what’s available for now. By the end of the month, I will also publish the Legacy versions of As Life Goes On, Origins, and Starry Heavens and Champions. I’m publishing them in the same order I originally wrote them.

A look at My Fictionpress Profile will show you all of Serene Adventure stories except Baby of Mine are no longer there. For licensing reasons, I removed ALL of them from Fictionpress. I don’t mind sharing in advance all of the stories will sell for $5.00 USD on Amazon as eBooks. If you do not have a Kindle, you can still read them using the Kindle App or through your browser. When I have time, I will post a chapter of each story as freebies to get folks interested.

Now let me explain how this effects the new Serene Adventure series. I will post the stories on Fictionpress first and leave them up for awhile once they’re done. A short time after that, I will publish them as eBooks. I don’t want to say exactly when they will no longer be available for free viewing to head off folks who might try to plagiarize my work. As it has been from the very beginning I’m the sole copyright holder of the Serene Adventure stories. It’s my responsability to keep loses of that kind to a minimum.

I want to encourage you guys to both check out my book, the book I’m publishing tonight and share my author page with your friends and family. I have big plans now that I have FINALLY made the jump to publishing.

The biggest is writing about myself. By that, I mean Non-Fiction.

I’ve talked about it before but now that I KNOW in absolute certain terms that I can actually share my Life’s Work with the world, I’m very excited!

All that I can ask of you is your support. That and don’t ask me for a free copy of what I publish on Amazon. ALL of what I publish this month has been available free of charge on Fictionpress for almost 10 years and almost no one gave them a chance. I’ll be damned if someone who didn’t want to bother reading my stories when it was being offered for free on Fictionpress wants to ask for a free copy of my blood, sweat and tears.

Storytelling is EVERYTHING to me. Even those with disabilities have a story to tell. Through Fictionpress and now Amazon, I’m going to share MY stories–Fiction and Non-Fiction–with the world.