One story of The Aurabolt coming this summer, the other later on

by brendan2k5

EDIT 4/23/2014: Updated in light of the blog post I just made.


I announced on Facebook two weeks ago that I would announce on this blog my first two straight to publish non-fiction stories. One will go on sale this summer. The other at a later time.

Now let me tell you about them:


  • Aurabolt Unleashed will chronicle my life from the second half of my junior year of High School to the first half of my second year at the Mission Hill School in Boston. As I often say to folks, if even one person is inspired by my story, mission accomplished. At the same time, I’m not the Mild-Mannered Guy I know some folks think I am. I’ve done some pretty messed-up things I’m not ashamed of. And I don’t have a problem talking about some of these “things”. Having said that, certain parts of the book may not be suitable for younger readers.
  • Aurabolt: Impossible is Nothing will give you what’s become a 30-year oddyssey. My life-long battles with death,  isolation and fear itself laid bare from childhood to now. Unlike Aurabolt Unleashed, for the first time ever you’re going to find out what makes me tick. Welcome to my world. This one is mostly suitable for all ages =D


And there you have it. I have started writing Aurabolt Unleashed this morning. The plan to write at least one chapter a week and finish by July 15th. That is my hard deadline for that story. I will then start writing Aurabolt: Impossible is Nothing at a later time to be announced.

The plan is to finish the first story and get it published this year. That will decide when and if I write the other.

Don’t worry: Anyone who’s read my past work knows I don’t hold back. They’ll both be worth the price tags they’re both getting. And they will both be published as both physical books and eBooks. I will announce the price of the first book once it’s done.