Delaying one story to focus on the other and write two children’s stories

by brendan2k5

Just wanted to let folks know I have started writing Aurabolt Unleashed in April and I plan to have it ready for publishing at the end of the year. I have also decided to hold off writing Aurabolt: Impossible is Nothing in favor of giving myself more time to write the first book.

That, and I’m going to write two short children’s books, both non-fiction as well. Here’s some info on the two children’s books I’m going to write, both of which feature me:


  • The Big Field Day is a retelling of the Mission Hill School’s field day festivities at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. It was prety crazy but I can’t say it wasn’t fun =D
  • The Lost Park is a retelling of what happened to a park I used to visit annually when I was a kid.


Due to a few things that have suddenly come up at work, I’ve been forced to put all of my story writing plans on hold through the next few weeks. Well, except The Lost Park. I already took most of the pictures I’m going to use for the storybook and it shouldn’t take more than an hour to write it. I’m going to write it after I take a few more pictures tomorrow and I’ll do it in once sitting.

Both children’s books will be available for free as well.


That said, here’s two pictures to get you interested:

IMG_0130 IMG_0138

I took these pictures with an HD Camera. When I go back to take some more videos, I’m going to try to shoot a video blog or two as well. Keep your eyes on my main blog in the coming days.