Writing plans for the summer

by brendan2k5

I figure I get this up now before the weekend’s over. This is more of as reminder to myself than you giuys (LOL!).

So anyway, progress on Aurabolt Unleashed was stopped after Chapter 2 was finished earlier this month. Unlike the stories I’ve been writing and posting online, each chapter on average is about 8 pages long. I’ve decided to put off writing it until summer vacation begins at the end of the month. I hope to finish writing the book by the end of July the earliest and early August the latest.

Once that’s done–and it will be my only non-fiction multi-chapter project this year–I’ll get back to work on my other stuff:

  • Superheroes Unmasked: Valkyrie and Permafrost is a short story I started two years ago and forgor about until earlier this week. By “started”, I mean I wrote the first chapter (which is usually the case), drafted a few more and got distracted by other stuff and forgot about it. I never uploaded it so I can time my time writing this one. The story is about a brother and sister pair of superheroes who grew up in Philadelphia. Now young adults, a routine day of saving the day goes wrong and their secret identaties as Evan Green and Clara James (the latter being married and pregnant) is revealed to the world. How they–and the world–deals with the pair of superheroes in their midst is played out in the short story. I also want to confirm it has no conections to my Serene Adventure stories.
  • Baby of Mine is entering its 2nd year of revision this August. I’ve simply been too busy with work to really give this story the attention it deserves and actually finish it (LOL!) but again, hopefully that will change this summer. I have the rest of the story planned out though, oddly.
  • Serene Adventure Baby Stories is a short collection of stories I started earlier this month. Each story highlights a character crossing the threshold into motherhood. The interesting thing about this collection of stories is they are told from the point of view of the mother. In the source stories where they originally take place, the event is from the point of view of another character Ann’s story is on Fin and Katrin’s birth. In the yet to be written Serene Adventure Origins story about their birth, it’s told from Ted’s point of view. I’m working on Celes’ second birth story involving Breanna (formerly named Pearl). When that’s done I will do Gina’s first, Terra’s second, Katrin’s first and a new character being introduced. I expect to finish this collection of stories by the end of June.
  • Washed Up is short story I wrote last fall on Deviant Art. I plan to continue the story past what’s currently written. The short story I wrote was inspired by a picture I found on the site about a pregnant mermaid and her young son getting washed up on the beach after surviving a storm at sea. In my short story, it’s revealed a human father and daughter who’d been caught in the same storm washed up just offscreen from the picture. In Merfolk society, it’s considered a taboo to have an contact with humans but the four (five if you include the unborn baby) form a close bond that changes everything. It will be interesting, to say the least when I convert this to a proper novel.


That’s it more or less. I’m of course being mindful of my Fan Fiction workload this summer XD

I also want to announce I have started using Archive of Our Own again, which is a more author-focused story host site and created about 8 years ago as an alternative to Fictionpress and Fanfiction.net. The site hosts original work as well as Fan Fiction and I highly reccommend it. To reduce the time between when I finish content and when I upload it to Fictionpress and AO3, I’ve decided to write ALL my stories on my laptop. I back up my files every day to Sky Drive, Google Drive and Box.net Accounts and every month to my external Hard Drive so…yeah. No chance of files being lost if my computer dies =D