Writing Updates through December

by brendan2k5

Putting aside July, admittedly I’ve mostly been working on fan fiction this summer. That’s alright since that was also on my list of things to work on. Here’s an overview of where I’m at with my stories in progress:

  • The Baby Experiments II: It’s done but unpublished. I’m actually considering releasing it along with the first volume as an E-Book on Amazon. I haven’t made up my mind in this regard yet. I have also decided to make a new volume every summer starting next year.
  • Baby of Mine: Honestly, I never touched it over the summer. I looked at it so I’ll be able to continue where I left off, though. I plan to finish it up by the end of the year if things work out that way hopefully. A character introduced in this story is one of the main characters in the following story.
  • Predator of Predators: Man, do I have plans for this story. I realize I didn’t say much in the brief description included with the Legacy Stories so I’ll give you a bit of a background on the plot. Juni and Kyle Parker were close when they were children. A few days before their brother Leon was born, their parents told them about the Nephilim, a race as old as mankind born from a human and a fallen angel. Kyle never believed the stories. Not until one killed their parents five years later and kidnapped Juni. Six years after his family is torn apart, Kyle vows to purge the world of the Nephilim and find out what happened to his sister. Kyle sets off with his brother Leon and the mysterious Laura Alphonse. As whole towns are wiped out, Kyle comes to known as a Predator of Predators.

There’s going to be some overlap with Abyssion Highwind: Dark Blade and Baby of Mine. You’re going to want to read all three stories if you want the full picture but it’s not required. You’re going to want to read Baby of Mine if you want to know about Laura’s parents and you’re going to want to read Dark Blade if you want to know about what happened to Juni after she was kidnapped.

After I finish Baby of Mine I’m gonna do Predator of Predators next. That wasn’t the originally planned order but due to the overlap it makes sense to just do that. When I eventually publish Baby of Mine as an eBook, I will publish it with Alex’s feature story Unshed Tears.

As things get rolling, I’ll provide updates and so on ^_^