Prelude to Survival Reboot in the works

by brendan2k5

It was a story I drafted 10 years ago while I was in City Year but never got around to publishing on Fictionpress since I wasn’t satisfied with the first two chapters. I’m looking to give it another shot with a new original storyline. The full title is Prelude to Survival: New Frontier and may be part of a three-part series.

The premise of New Frontier is this:

It’s the year 2052. It’s been two years since Humankind has successfully established a permanent colony on the Moon and Mars. Reseachers on Earth and the new Mars Colony have developed a new propulsion system that will allow existing spacecraft to quickly travel across the solar system. Travel from Earth to Mars has been cut from three months three weeks thanks to the new technology. Scientists focus their attention on the next challenge: A previously unknown moon of Neptune’s is discovered. Probes and robotic scouters deployed reveal stunning information: The new moon’s biopshere is identical to Earth’s. It even has a large amount liquid water on its surface.

All of the requirements for a complex organism to survive exist on this previously unknown moon named Aria. The United Nations and the Lunar-Martian Administration authorize Manned Missions to what many have started calling The New Frontier. The first manned fleet of ships will depart from Earth in 2055 and arrive in 4 months’ time. Ahead of the manned ships, smaller ships with Androids were sent to Aria prepare for the humans’ arrival.

For the 400 souls traveling to Aria, it is the chance of a lifetime. Some of them have been to the Moon and Mars but all of them were born on Earth. In taking this historic trip across the solar system, they are leaving behind their old lives to begin new lives on a new world. For all of them, this is uncharted territory. Others will join them in time but they are the first humans to set foot on a world unspoiled. It’s love at first sight as the people settle into their new world, explore Aria and start families.

In 2060–Five years after the first settlers arrive–World War III breaks out on Earth. The human population on Earth is 12 Billion. While experts agree war was inevitable due to how overpopulated the planet had become in the last 20 years, fortunately there are human settlements on the Moon, Mars and now Aria. Even if the planet is obliterated, the survival of the species is assured. The United Nations appeals to Aria to accept 3 Million displaced refugees and they accept under the condition Aria remains neutral due to its distance. The UN agrees to the proposal and within 2 years of war breaking out, a fleet of ships is sent to Aria with a UN escort.

After the 3 millon refugees arrive safely, a UN Envoy arrives requesting assistence from the Arian Defense Force. A fleet of two million people were attacked on their way to Saturn’s moon Titan, which had been recently Terraformed for human population. The problem: The spaceships that attacked the Titan settlers were not from Earth, Mars or the Moon. The question of weather we are alone in the universe has been answered.

The sudden appearance of the hostile extraterrestrials forces the people of Aria to make a decision. The hostiles seemed to have overlooked Aria on their way to Titan. If Titan falls, Mars and Earth will be next. With the humans on Earth killing other by the hundreds of thousands, help from the homeworld is unlikely. Aria is two weeks’ travel from Titan and the spaceport orbiting Aria can double as a supply hub in war time. Providing military aid will certainly help save the humans on Titan but to do so would mean facing an unknown enemy. Even if they succeed, there is a chance more will come not just to attack the two moons but Earth and Mars, too. To not attack would leave an unprepared Mars and Earth vulnerable to a surprise attack.

…Mind you, this would just be the first book.

It will also be the first time I write a story entirely on my iPad. It will be interesting, to say the least.

I’m thinking Book 2 will take place 200 years, or 2.5 generations after the events of the first one so it will be a new cast of characters different from the first story. Of course, that’s thinking WAY ahead.

Prelude to Survival will be posted on Fictionpress and AO3 but I haven’t yet decided if all of it will be available for free or not. Now that I can actually decide if I want to sell my stories or not, it’s something to take into consideration ^_^