Multiple Series for Multiple Genres

by brendan2k5

I figure I should just put it like that.

Some of the stories and series I’m working on I started when I was 10. I know most of you are familiar with the Serene Adventure series both old and new. As I hinted before, it’s certainly not the only series I’m working on.

Here is a list of the current and announced Fiction and Non-Fiction series and books that can or already has been credited to my name:

  • The Serene Adventure Sagas (Fantasy/Sci-Fi)
  • Superheroes Unmasked (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)@
  • Kingdom of Leonara (Fantasy/Romance)
  • Kingdom of Leonara 2: Bloodlines (Fantasy/Comedy)
  • Kingdom of Leonara 3: Empire (Fantasy)
  • Kingdom of Leonara 4: Revolution (Fantasy)
  • The Don and Dan Mysteries (Mystery/Children’s)
  • Don and Dan: Case Files (Mystery/Drama)
  • Prelude to Survival: New Frontier (Sci-Fi)
  • Prelude to Survival: Civilization (Sci-Fi)
  • Prelude to Survival: Extinction (Sci-Fi)
  • The Baby Experiments (Horror/Drama)@
  • Sawyer Rising (Drama/Thriller)
  • Sawyer Rising 2: Skyline (Drama/Thriller)
  • The Feral One (Horror/Angst)*@
  • Devan Jackson: Second Life (Drama/Crime)*
  • Felicia Ward: Life in Prison (Crime/Drama)*
  • That Pirate Thing! (Children’s/Comedy)
  • How Oscar’s Fail Became Win (Young Adult/Romance/Comedy)*
  • Good Times: Moving On Up (Young Adult/Biography/Nonfiction)*
  • Public misEducation: The Struggle For Justice (Nonfiction)*

* Denotes it is not part of a series

@ Denotes it will be published digitally only

There you have it.

All of the above books and series are a work in progress of course. Surprised to know Serene Adventure and Public mis Education aren’t the only things I’m writing? I hope this shows I’m not as narrow-minded as I seem in my writing! So, yeah.

Here is a brief overview of what the others are about:

  • Superheroes Unmasked shows how superheroes in a modern-day setting deal with the world suddenly knowing their secret indentity. Do they decide to hang up the cape for good or keep saving the day?
  • The Don and Dan Mysteries follows Donna Copeland and Daniel Thompson and the various mysteries they solve through grade school. As a team, no mystery they take on remains unsolved!
  • Don and Dan: Case Files follows Donna and Daniel Thompson and the various cases they take on. As children, they tackled some of the toughest cases imaginable. As a young couple working in law enforcement, the two are able to use their skills across America and all over the world. Joined by their son and protege Derek, the ace detectives work together to continue the work they started as kids.
  • Sawyer Rising and its sequel Sawyer Rising 2: Skyline is about the town of Sawyer, Arkansas. In 1890, the Irving Family was the last to leave the township. 125 years later, Tim Irving discovers his great-father Andrew Irving’s diary in his mother’s attic and sets out to find the place his ancestor grew up in. What he finds is a ghost town that’s no longer on any maps. Tim decides to take on the monumental task of reviving and modernizing Sawyer, Arkansas. Being the President and CEO of a construction company does have its usefulness!
  • Devan Russell: Second Life is the story of a young man who lived on the streets of late-1990s Chicago. A botched home robbery results in the death of the young couple’s only son. With an already lengthy criminal record, Devan’s facing life in prison or so he thinks. Suddenly, all charges against him are dropped and he is released from custody. It turns out the family he tried to rob has decided to not only drop all charges against him but that’s decided to adopt him as well. Having come to learn of his past, the Russell family decide the best way to help him is to give him the life he truly deserves.
  • Felicia Ward: Life in Prison is about a young single mother whose split-second decision puts her behind bars for the rest of her life. When her daughter is attacked and beaten by a group of teens at school, Felicia takes matters into her own hands. The family crisis actually mends to rift that had grown between Felicia and her ex-husband, who agrees to raise the children in her place.
  • That Pirate Thing! is about a group of friends who decide to build their own 18-century pirate ship. Once the fully functioning ship in completed, there’s only one thing left to do: That Pirate Thing!
  • How Oscar’s Fail Became Win is about a teenager whose failed social studies project helps his recently widowed mother find a new husband. Oscar’s father suddenly died in a car accident so Oscar decided to write about his father. The problem is the report didn’t have his name on it when he turned it in. Whoops! When his mother reads it, she decides to use it to find a new husband and father for Oscar and her unborn child. This story is about how the mother-son duo found just what they were looking for and then some.
  • Good Times: Moving On Up is about my time in the City Year program (2003-2005). I know alot of folks have been waiting 10 years for me to finally write about this time period so…yeah. It’s finally happening!


The stories I skipped over are wither published on Fictionpress or I talked about it in a separate blog post already. Most of the above books will be published as paperback. The Baby Experiements is a series of vignettes that are too short to publish as paperback the way I see it. It will be published on Fictonpress. The Feral One will be published as an eBook and Superheroes Unmasked will be published on Fictionpress for a short time before it’s re-released as an eBook.

All the rest will be Paperback only or in some cases, Paperback and E-Book. In a separate post, I will outline most of the Serene Adventure Saga up to a certain point.