Announcing a new Sci-Fi story — Title Not Finalized

by brendan2k5

So anyways,  this story I’m introducing is an entirely new genre for me though it is a rewrite of some stories I wrote about seven years ago on Fictionpress. Almost all of the characters featured in those story will be back. It feels wierd saying that knowing I’m probably the only who would really know the details. I may re-release the first two stories from that series since they’re done on Fictionpress again. Or not.

So, on to the new one. For the time being, the working title is Serene Overload: Future Past. The main title is a reference to a text-based web game I co-devveloped with a friend about 10 years ago. That said, this will be a single story and not a series as most of the elements covered in the source material will be used.

Here’s an overview of the story:

  • Future Past is in the Serene Adventure universe but takes place in an alternate timeline and is 1500 years into the future. In the original timeline, Mariko Ebihara is Earth’s first Eternal Champion. In the alternate timeline this story follows, Mariko died in Japan before ever meeting her father Ted Toss, who becomes the first Eternal Champion instead. This single change drastically alters the course of history.
  • Eternal Champions are so named not just because they are all-powerful but because they are immortal. Realizing the danger in allowing one to wield that kind of power for too long, Ted adopts the policy used by Kyomora and Pangaea. He decrees Earth’s Eternal Champion can only be in power for 100 years and not a day more. 75 years into his time as Eternal Champion, the other Champions of Earth would choose the next Eternal Champion by vote. The standing Eternal Champion has no say in the selection or the confirmation processes. Once there are 10 years remaining, the standing Eternal Champion’s powers will begin to fade and their successor gains immortality.
  • The above said, Ted Toss is succeeded by another, who is in turn succeeded. The line of succession continues for 500 years. The current Eternal Champion is a man named Andrew Rommell. 50 years into his term, World War IV breaks out. The rules of war are thrown out the window and nuclear weapons are used. The devastation leaves humanity on the brink of extinction. Andrew is horrified the human population has fallen from 14 Billion to 2 Billion almost overnight. Three quarters of the world’s knowledge is lost as well.
  • Andrew asks their allies for help but they refuse, saying it was a hunan problem that must be solved by humans. Enraged, Andrew cuts diplomatic relations with Kyomora and Pangaea. It is a move that shocks even the other Champions. Andrew declares priority is ensuring mankind survives first and recovers what it lost second. If they don’t want to help, they aren’t needed. It’s estimated the process will take 2,000 years. Andrew believes it can be done in 500 years but only if he is Eternal Champion for that long.
  • The Champions refuse to grant Andrew an extension, citing the agreement they all swore with The Toss Family to never allow the Eternal Champion to stay in power for a day longer than agreed. A pact he himself is bound by.
  • Things between Andrew and the other Champions are at an impasse for the next 20 years. With the help of The Hero of Order, One of the Champions meets with Abyssion Highwind in secret. Abyssion, who is himself an Eternal Champion but of another world has the power to kill another Eternal Champion. What The Champions of Earth aren’t aware of is Ted made him promise to punish Earth’s Eternal Champion if they broke the rules.
  • Abyssion agrees to the request and leaves for Earth at once. When Andrew sees him, he knows it’s to kill him and attacks. Abyssion quickly overpowers him and subdues the far less experienced swordsman. After seeing all of the earth’s major cities are in ruins, Abyssion declares mankind brought this on themselves and wiping out the rest would be an act of mercy. Instead, they will have 1,000 years to learn what their descendants learned in prior to the end of the 19th century: How to survive with what they have. He then exeutes Andrew and the other Champions, saying once new Champions of Earth have come forward, they will decide who the next Eternal Champion will be. Event is called Abyssion’s Judgement and ushers in the beginning of the Post-Champion Era, or PCE.
  • It is now the year 950PCE. Long forgotten technology is slowly being relearned. Mankind has rediscovered the secrets of the automobile, flight and mass production. Despite these gains, Abyssion’s words were never forgotten: Once new Champions have come forward, it will pave the way for the return of an Eternal Champion. In a society where Slavery is legalized, some are trying to make Champions out of the humans they own as property. The New World is the equivalent of our world in 1978.
  • The legendary Toss Family was spared Abyssion’s Judgement and have long since gone into hiding to prevent those with evil or greedy hearts from using them for their own ends. Angelisa Toss, the Hero of Chaos is the last surviving 21st-Century human thanks to her powers. She speaks nothing of her living relatives, furthering speculation they may in fact be extinct.
  • Various factions control the world’s resources. The United States of America controls all of North America, Austrialia and a handful of territories in the Middle East and Africa. Russia and China merge into a confederation and control most of the Asian landmass and half of Europe between them. while England controls half of Europe. All thee factions also control most of the world’s technology between them. They have formed a coalition to battle their mutual arch enemy, the Atlantic Knights.
  • The Atlantic Knights have arisen to challenge the three superpowers. They are led a beautiful but deadly Swordswoman known as The Mankiller. The Mankiller Clan was wiped out by the United States but it would seem at least one survived the extermination. Few within the Atlantic Knights have seen her face, her wareabouts a closely guarded secret. The Atlantic Knights are descendants of former Champions who lived before Abyssion’s Judgement. They oppose a world order where humans are openly bought and sold and where the strong dominate the weak. They also fight to destroy Human Ranches and Baby Factories, freeing the enslaved of their bondage.
  • Slavery continues to be the most profitable market. 500 years of gene-splicing experiements have led to the creation of a new race called Crossbreeds–half human, half animal. Those who birth as human livestock are called Breeders. Their sole purpose is to make lots of babies until they die. Those unable to bear children attend to those who can. Male offspring are trained for manual labor while most female offspring are groomed to become Breeders themselves. Efforts are made to ensure Breeders are not mated with blood relatives.
  • Those who conceive, gestate and birth “The Old Way” are called Organics: In an age where humans are bought and sold as livestock, advances in science have made it possible for woman to mass produce children on an industrial scale. Gene therapy treatments ensure Breeders produce a yield of average of 3 to 7 crop (Babies) per pregnancy. Fertility treatment is used to ensure conception and a large yield. Rush injections are used to stimilate fetal growth, drastically shortening pregnancy from 40 weeks (9 months) to 12 (3 months) though in very large doses, it’s possible to cut gestation to 3 weeks.
  • The punishment for a Breeder who tries to escape or kill themselves is steep: They are transferred to Research and Development where they are used in human experiments, usually resulting in the birth of Crossbreeds. Livestock who birth Crossbreeds are not allowed back in the general population and usually live out the rest of their days in solitary confinement.
  • The human population hovers just above 5 Billion worldwide. The ruins of once-great civilizations stand as constant reminders of mankind’s past and serve as both inspiration and contempt. Young women of childbearing age are the most desired slaves followed by strong, young men with good genes to breed with them. In a society where distrust is commonplace, being able to breed your own standing workforce or army within 20 to 30 years is preferred over pooling resources.

…Mind you, that’s just the sequence of events in the story’s PREQUEL. I’m gonna skim over this in the first few chapters of the book. The story is very Sci-Fi heavy obviously but I can assure you this story is not erotica. I described a few mechanics in The New World in such detail because they matter to the story. For those who have a pregnancy-related fetish, this store will NOT be free so if you want to read it, you ARE going to pay for it =D

Now, let me re-introduce you to some of the main characters, most of whom have new names:

  • Aryla Veniss, age 20 is Second Generation Breeding Livestock: Her mother owed a debt to the American Government. In exchange for serving time in jail, her mother sells her womb to the highest bidder at the American Human Ranch is Kenya. Even after she dies, the debt is passed on to her children or more specifically, the daughters of child-bearing age. Aryla has already birthed thirteen children she wasn’t even allowed to name, all of whom were taken to away to be sold as soon as they were born. Now expecting her 14th child, Arya’s arms and legs bear the scars of several past escape attempts. Since she was pregnant during her escape attempts, she avoids the harshest of penalties. She resolves to give the single child in her belly the life she was denied no matter what.
  • 25 year-old Chinese Supermodel Chen Wing Xi becomes pregnant after being raped by a stalker. To the astonishment of her friends and colleagues, she decides to carry the pregnancy to term instead of getting an abortion. Not yet ready to be a mother, she picks a couple from Beijing’s Elite Upper Class to be the adopting parents. On the day of her planned induction, Chen discovers she was the unwhitting victim of a conspiracy, she’s carrying twins and the adopting couple is after her. Her cover as a supermodel was blown when she became pregnant. She flees the country to assume her true role as a the leader of the rebel faction Atlantic Knights.
  • 21 year-old Amy Reid and her husband Chris were poor, homeless and on the verge of starving to death in the American State of Maine. A chance encounter with the Foreman of a Baby Factory changes things: As the last living Native American in the state, Amy is offered the means to live comfortably in exchange for becoming a Paid Breeder. Unlike slaves and Human Ranches, Paid Breeders were free and were paid well in exchange for every healthy baby they carried to term and delivered. Also unlike slaves, she was Organic: No gene therapy, no fertility treatment and no rush injections. When the Baby Factory is attacked by the Atlantic Knights, Amy and Chris are forced to flee for their lives across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Agent Wade Normandy is one of the American Government’s Titans: Living weapons created from conception to do their government’s will on command without fail. Normandy was given the nickname Dreadlord by the Atlantic Knights after he singlehandedly slaughtered his way through five of their cities in southeast Asia over the course of three days. Men, Women, pregnant women and childen alike were slaughtered during the American campaign that saw Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar annexed by the United States. All told, it’s believed 25 million souls were slain by him and an additional 5 million unborn. When Aryla escapes confinement and Chen disappearsl Normandy and Florence are dispatched to bring them back alive no matter the cost.
  • Agent Lin Florence is one of the American Government’s Titans and Normandy’s partner. Unlike her partner, Florence is a former Atlantic Knight reprogrammed for the government’s needs. She has no memories of her life before she became a Titan save her bloodlust. The Atlantic Knights note her unique style of swordplay is frighteningly similar to the legendary Mankiller Clan, Master Swordfighters. The problem is the government tracked down and killed every single one of them a quarter-century ago, most killed by Normandy. If Florence isn’t from that long extinct clan, where did she learn to fight like them?
  • The Hero of Chaos Angelisa Toss has lived for almost two centuries thanks to her powers.  Despite the passage of time, her powers prevent her from looking any older than an adult female in their late 20s. Affectionately called Angel by her family and friends, she travels the world using her powers to help those in need. She doesn’t stay in one place for more than a few weeks to prevent the people from getting too used to having her around. While she ins neutral in the conflict between war between The Coalition and The Atlantic Knights, she sympathizes with the latter faction’s struggles. Even when one of her descendants is killed in America’s northeast by the rebels, she firmly remains neutral. When whispers of a young, prodigal swordswoman living in America’s midwest reaches her ears, the name of one person comes to mind.
  • Anthony Marcus is Chen’s longtime pilot and trusted friend. His past is shrouded in mystery and not even Chen knows much about him before they met. His son Colin works with him as a mechanic and co-pilot. Whenever his resemblance to First Generation Champion Mark Anthony Toss is brought up, he simply replies “I get that all the time.”
  • When he lived on Earth, Abyssion Highwind was one of Earth’s 1st Generation Champions. Even then, Abyssion was  2,000 years old due to his heritage as a Nephilim: Half human, half demon. Shortly after Ted Toss became Eternal Champion, Abyssion took all the Nephilim living on Earth and traveled to a distant planet called Termanus. This paved the way for Abyssion himself to become an Eternal Champion. When an envouy from Earth asks him to intervene with a rogue Eternal Champion, he deals with the problem personally. He promised Earth’s first Eternal Champion he would only step in if absolutely necessary. 1000 years after passing judgement on Earth’s Champions, he watches with interest to see if the bet Ted made with him will pay off.
  • Tyria Valen is a Nephilim living on earth who fights for the Atlantic Knights. She is tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with a large Crossbreed settlement in the American state of Florida. That’s just a cover: What not even Chen is aware of is Tyria is really Abyssion Highwind’s granddaughter Jade Highwind. She is his eyes and ears on Earth but in addition to that, she is also trying to find out what became of her father and brother. The one thing she knows for sure is they are both alive and likely traveling together.


…Ok, that’s plenty. That’s most of the major characters you need to know about. The rest, you’ll have to read the finished product. Some of the names look familiar I mentioned above the story will be sold and not offered for free. That is mostly true. I WILL, however offer the prologue and the first two chapters as ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle and possibly iOS and Google Play as well. I figure that’s more than enough for folks to decide if they wanna see the rest or not.

The finished product will have at least 20 chapters. I will also sell it in both Paperback form and as an eBook. Paperback will sell for $18 USD while the eBook will sell for $12. Let’s jsut say I think the finished product will justify the price tag! I will provide more info once the Preview Version is done. I expect that to take the rest of the year.