Now using Inkitt to publish (Free) stories

by brendan2k5

Click the pic to go to my Inkitt Profile. A new window will open.

I just wanted to let everyone know. I have actually had an Inkitt account for two years but waited until the site added an import from Fictionpress feature last month to start actively using it. LOL.

That said, I will give Inkitt’s admins props for not only taking the protection of user-submitted stories seriously but not allowing anything and everything to posted on their site. Inkitt’s for folks who are serious about their writing and in my case, has been looking for an alternative to Fictionpress. I made the announcement on my Fictionpress profile 90 minutes ago to let folks there know about the change.

The need for folks to move on from Fictionpress and is pretty serious. Every day, work from both sites is plagiarized, sometimes even for profit. To add insult to injury Fictionpress, like Deviant Art does nothing to protect your published work. It’s literally “post your work here at your own risk” though both sites like to downplay how dad it really is. This is the REAL reason I stopped posting my work on Fictionpress.

I will post my free work on Inkitt, AO3, Deviant Art and this blog from now on. by the way no, I won’t change the name of this blog. It will continue to go by the name Aurabolt’s Fiction Press =D