A few new Serene Adventure Saga Shorts I’m working on

by brendan2k5

The cool thing about these short stories is though they are canon, they are side stories. Furthermore, you don’t need to have read the main stories to enjoy them. They’re more of a special treat and will ALWAYS be free of charge =O

At the moment, I have drafted four Serene Adventure Saga Shorts, or SASS for short:

  • Birth Child is inspired by the Manga Kodomo no Kodomo. Twelve year-old Serenity Eva Toss meets a new friend in sixth grade named Jessica Grant. Serenity accidently learns a secret about Jessica after the two attend Health class together. Jessica makes Serenity promise not to tell anyone else her secret and she reluctantly agrees. When Jessica suddenly passes out after school one day, Serenity takes her to see her older sister Celes, who is a doctor.  The problem is for legal reasons, Celes has to tell Jessica’s parents about her secret.
  • The Unwalked Path is about how Richard, Laura and Kari Alphonse’s lives could have been had they been allowed to be a family. Fate forced them apart. After losing both of her parents on the same day and burying them, Laura Alphonse can only think about what could have been if they were able to live as a family. With a little help from Angelisa, Laura is given three days’ time to live the life she deserved.
  • Dexterose is a story in which Mark Anthony helps his friends Dexter Hershel and Ramia Fatimah Mohamed admit their feelings for each other in high school. Hilarity ensues when his girlfriend Aurina Highwind mistakenly believes he’s seeing another girl.
  • Shattered Hope is the story of Terra Ortiz’s very first pregnancy when she was 17, which ended in a stillbirth. On the anniversary of her first child’s stillbirth, Terra shares her story with Laura Alphonse, who just lost her father and the mother she never knew on the same day.


…And of course by drafted, I mean started writing.

The first one….haven’t written anything like this before. Both the second and fourth stories speak to Laura and Terra coping with the pain of unimaginable loss. The third will actually be my first romantic comedy.

I am working on some concept art for some of the characters using Apps on my iPad. Once they are ready, I will share them here. All four stories will be posted on this blog, Inkitt and Tumblr. They will all be posted in their entirely as they’re completed. Look forward to the first one set to be released soon.