Reimagining The Kingdom of Leonara

by brendan2k5

I consider myself lucky I only wrote the first few paragraphs of the opening story. This is going to sound wierd but I’ve decided to revamp the saga after a dream I had a few days ago. I’ll get to that in a bit but first, I want to flesh out here the world this pure Fantasy series takes place in.

The saga takes place on a world not unlike earth called Salaria. The kingdom of Leonara is on a large, montainous continent called Draconia. It’s believed when the world was new, a large dragon chose the landmass as its final resting place, becoming one with the land itself. The first king of Bastone, King Arnheart Basara I founded Chesire in the year 800 BCE–Before Civil Era–making it the first true human kingdom. There were towns and villages scattered across the known world but Bastone is the first bastion of human power in the world–hence the name, which coincides with the name of its first king.

I’ll pause for a moment and say the kingdom’s name is changed in the first story’s prologue to Leonara. Leonara Leonis, also called Nara for short enters arena combat and wins the right to have any wish under heaven granted to her by the king. Nara is the second-youngest participant in the annual event’s history (age 14) and the first female combatant to win the contest. Having already curried the favor and respect of her fellow knights, she boldly asks the king to rename the kingdom after her. By the time she’s won the tournament, she’s won the respect of the entire kingdom and the admiration of representatives from visiting realms. The following morning, King Vincent Arnheart announces that henceforth, the kingdom will be known as Leonara in honor of the greatest knight the realm will ever know.

…Mind you, this is just in the story’s prologue.

As I just mentioned, there are other kingdoms in the world of Salaria. After 10 years of training, Nara and her childhood friend Edward Walhart become full-fledged knights of the kingdom, they’re deployed with a detachment to Vulcan, a port city on the other side of the continent. They are led by the crown prince, Gowen Arnheart. After getting sidetracked by brigands, aiding a town being hassled by marauding Orcs and then a member of the group befriending a unicorn, they arrive in Vulcan in time to help them fight off pirates attacking the city. For their heroism, the town magistrate throws a feast in their honor.

The celebration is cut short when Prince Gowen reveals the purpose of their arrival: To ask Vulcan to become a part of the kingdom. It’s been 200 years since the kingdom expanded its boarders. The knights and the town magistrate are both shocked when the crown prince reveals he made a deal with his father the king: If Vulcan couldn’t be convinced to become a part of their kingdom, he was fully prepared to take it by force. The trials their group faced on their way convinced him beyond reasonable doubt that if ordered to, they would not hesitate to assist him in annexing the city using brute force. Having already seen what they were capable of, the magistrate is left with little choice but to accept Gowen’s terms. That’s when Edward makes a suggestion that may work for both sides.

A week later, King Vincent receives word Vulcan has agreed to their terms and is requesting men and supplies to reinforce the town’s defenses. The letter also notes highlights the group’s exploits on their way to the city and half of the group led by Nara and Edward left port to take the fight to the pirates on a nearby island. The King orders two of his retainers to each lead a detatchment of soldiers to the town and to personally assist Nara and Edward in their task. By the time reinforcements arrive in Vulcan, the pirates have no only been defeated but pressed into service. Prince Gowan was impressed with their sense of honor and has decided Vulcan will be a second home for the kingdom’s naval forces.

It goes without saying Nara and Edward return to the capital to a hero’s welcome.

…Mind you, this is just about a quarter of the FIRST book so…yeah. The royal family’s fast relationship with an artisan family is a big part of the second part of the book.

Prince Gowan’s kid sister Princess Florette–called Flo for short by her friends and family–befriends a new classmate named Diantha Kloris. The young princess later learns from her father and older brother Yoshua the Kloris family were lowborn but after years of hard work, they made enough wealth to move into the artisan district on the third level of the capital, Chesire (more on this in a bit). The Kloris family represent the best of two worlds in the king and queen’s eyes: They came from nothing and after years of hard work, they had made it. Even the nobility respects them, which was a rare thing in itself.

Yoshua befriends Diantha’s older brother Enick, who works as a chef in a tavern frequented by the knights. His food is known throughout the capital and he is pleasantly surprised when he learns Enick is Diantha’s brother. The two share stories of being middle children with an older brother, a kid sister and the pressure to not be regarded as “the spare son”: While Yoshua’s brother Gowen is the crown prince, Enick’s older brother Harvan is a Mystic Knight and one of Gowen’s retainers.

The next day, Queen Hatari realizes the Kloris children and the Arnheart children have become pretty close in a very short amount of time yet she hasn’t actually met either of their parents. The head of the family, Roland Kloris worked in the North Armory. According to the records on file, his wife Keima was a tailor by trade. Queen Hatari then decides to make an unannounced visit to the old girls’ school Florette and Diantha attends to learn more about the Klovis family herself. The girls are surprised to find the queen of Leonara waiting for them at the gates of the school one day after class. Diantha is in for the surprise of her life when the queen tells her she would like to meet her mother.

Excitement changes to horror when they arrive at the Kloris family home to find Keima passed out on the floor. As luck would have it, Queen Hatari herself is the best doctor in the kingdom. Her medical skills are unrivaled and she has never lost a patient placed in her care. The queen quickly realizes this is no normal sickness: Keima has been poisoned. It’s a powerful toxin that puts the victim in a death-like sleep. It’s the kind usually used in to assassinate high-profile targets. Fortunately, they caught it in time so Keima’s life is not in immediate danger. They will still need to make a more powerful medicine that will be strong enough to negate the poison completely.

Some of the ingredients needed can be found in a region some of the knights who recently returned hail from. Queen Hatari summons Leonara to the Palace, asking her to take Prince Yoshua, Harvan and some knights with her back to her hometown to collect the rest of the ingredients they need and return as quickly as possible. As soon as they leave, she summons Edward with a separate task: Work with Prince Gowen to find as arrest whoever is responsible. She didn’t want to involve Harvan, which is why she sent him out of the city with Leonara and Yoshua. He might not be able to stop himself from killing the suspect or suspects.

by the time Nara’s group returns with the rest of the ingredients, Edward and Prince Gowen finish their task. It’s revealed Keima wasn’t the true target: It was Princess Florette, who was an unwhitting pawn in an intricate kidnapping plot involving a rival kingdom set in motion 10 years earlier. A plot that goes all the way to the throne of Leonara’s longtime enemy, the kingdom of Lysandre. The plot discovered is part of a much larger boarder war the kingdoms fought when King Vincent was the crown prince 25 years earlier. A war in which Nara’s father Aster Leonis became a legend. The king decides the time has come to reform the order the two founded during the war: The Guardian Sages.

…I think that’s enough for now. That’s about half of the first book. Even so, this is just an outline of about half of what I have planned for half the book I just disclosed. There’s alot of details I left out on purpose! I do want to reference the term at the end of that last paragraph. Those familiar with the Serene Adventure Sagas will remember they played a prominent role, as did Force Energy. Consider this what is called cross-promotion: At a certain point in one of the Serene Adventure stories, one of the main characters checks out a copy of The Kingdom of Leonara: Bloodlines–the second book in the series–which in part talks about The first Order of Guardian Sages. They are inspired by the group’s exploits and adopt the name.

…Two different worlds, though.

Back on topic:

  • The second book, Bloodlines focuses in part on a much younger Vincent Arnheart when he was still the crown prince and the order he founded with his best friend and retainer, Aster Leonis. Their exploits earned Vincent the nickname Radiant Crusader for rallying the entire nation to fight against a common enemy. It is also the story of how Aster Leonis became known as a Fallen Champion after the war, starting with when he met Nara’s mother Anrianna and ending with her death 7 years after their daughter is born.

In the third book Empire, Leonara faces its greatest threat since its founding: Across the sea on the continent Felorne, a sleeping giant awakens after 10,000 years of isolation: The Helion Empire. In ancient times, Helion was the God of Conquest. His power was so great and terrible, the other Gods of The Divine Council were forced to stop him from wiping out the mortal races. Even with the combined might of 8 other Gods, they could not kill him so instead, they sealed him away in a crpyt deep in a remote part of Felorne. In the centuries that followed, the land healed from the destruction Helion wrought and in time, Helion was mostly forgotten to history.

Until recently.

The year is 230 CE (Civil Era)–Five years after the events of the first book. Helion Empire sends an armada to Draconia, capturing Vulcan and Nightshore and enslaving the entire populations of both cities. Bastone and Odyssion (Lysandre’s capital) rush reinforcements but arrive too late to break the siege. The speed in which they attacked and captured such large cities is beyond anything either kingdom have experienced.

Even more frightening is the realization in why they invaded: They are seeking the mortal children of the Gods who sealed Helion and those blessed by them from birth. It’s believed the divine blood in their veins will be enough to release The God of Conquest, who will then sweep across Salaria like a tidal wave unopposed. Both kingdoms heed the advice of the Divine Council and form an alliance to combat a common enemy. They also task Leonara with finding 8 specific Demigods who combined will be able to reseal Helion. As the child of an angel, Leonara is uniquely suited to the task.

  • In the fourth book Revolution, victory over Helion and the Helion Empire came at a terrible price–the deaths of two kings and the destruction of The Divine Council. Bastone has been left in ruins after Helion sacked the city. As Leonara said at the end of the war, “The Age of Mortals has begun”. Passing on the offer of full divinity, Nara, her husband Edward and their two young children decide to set sail for Gesthal, a continent virtually uninhabited. She visited the island briefly on her previous journey that took her around the world and decided to resettle there with her family and some of their friends. Twelve years later, Nara and Edward’s firstborn son Ellison travels to Leonara, the kingdom that bears his mother’s name to continue the family tradition.

That’s all I’ll share. Anyone who’s read any of my story overviews knows I like to give folks a pretty clear picture of what’s to come so…yeah. It goes without saying I have a very clear direction for this series. It will certainly take some time to write the whole series–I predict 4 to 6 years–but I will get it done and I will not publish any of the books until I am 100% satisfied with them.

This is my first major project in Fantasy that isn’t a Fanfic. I consider the Serene Adventure Sagas Sci-Fi first and Fantasy second on that note. I plan to release the books in both physical and digital form. If the first book is well-received, spinoff stories in the same universe aren’t out of the question.

…More to come in time.