The Feral One is about the power of the bond between siblings

by brendan2k5

Unlike the last two previews I’ve done, this one’s a single book. Like both series I previewed before though, I’m slightly changing the narrative from what I originally had in mind. Here’s the new premise:

  • In 2004, a family driving through the Rocky Mountains is involved in a car accident. Rescuers recover six year old Jose “Joey” Ruiz as well as the bodies of his parents and older brother. While investigators are unabe to find the remains of his twin sister Elisa “Lizzie” Ruiz, it is believed she was also killed in the accident.
  • Over the next ten years, rumors begin to spread of a mysterious creature inhabiting the Rocky Mountains. The rumors are at first dismissed as Bigfoot but the creature is far smaller than Bigfoot. This is further reinforced when campers report clothes and food disappear every few years from their campsites.
  • In the fall of 2013, expert trackers unmask the mystery creature’s identity: A teenage girl. The girl speaks the trackers for a few minutes before running off. Much to their surprise, the lose track of her very quickly.
  • Based on the girl’s appearance and size and appearance, experts put the pieces together and realize she’s Elisa Ruiz, was long thought dead from the accident that killed her older brother and parents. Two more expeditions made to find her and rescue her end in failure. She is simply too strong and too fast for even the most rugged outdoorsmen to handle.
  • Researchers decide to go with their last resort in the spring of 2014: They meet with her twin brother Jose, who has been living with a family in Los Angeles since the accident. He is shocked to learn his twin sister not only survived the accident but has been living in the wilderness over the last 10 years. He agrees to help rescue her.
  • When Jose sees his now 16 year old twin sister for the first time, he is surprised to see how well she adapted to living in one of the most unforgiving environments in the world. When the two meet, it’s like looking in a mirror.
  • “Who are you and why do you look like me?” Lizzie asks when she sees the teenage boy who shares her face. “We knew each other before we were born.” Joey replies. “Look into my eyes and tell me who I am.” Brother and Sister are reunited for the first time since the accident that claimed the lives of their family.
  • The whole world is captivated as news of The Feral One spreads. There have been many cases of Feral Children over the years but what makes Elisa’s story so compelling is she never lost everything that made her human. In every other story before hers, the child never learned what it meant to be human. Even better, she is able to share her story: She never lost her language skills in either English or Spanish.
  • The twins travel to Chicago, New York and Boston where Elisa undergoes a series of tests. For all intents and purposes, she is a healthy 16 year old girl. Her athlete-level strength, speed and agility comes from a decade of living in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. Once she is given a clean bill of health, Elisa decides to live in San Francisco with her brother and his family.
  • Elisa spends the next 18 months catching up on everything she missed since the accident in 2004. Many are iuspired by her story of survival in face of such overwhelming odds. She even meets President Obama at the White House.
  • In the summer of 2015, Elisa visits The Rocky Mountains with her brother. It’s her first time back since she they were reunited. After over a year of silence, she decides to tell her brother and the journalist who traveled with them how she survived since the accident.
  • As the twins prepare to return to San Francisco, Elisa meets 17 year old Greg Forrest. Forrest, who saw Elisa was she was a child is surprised to see how beautiful she’s become. Jose realizes right away he has feelings for her but knows this is a new experience for Elisa. Not wanting to get in the way of her happiness, he agrees to allow them to start dating.
  • The twins celebrate their 17th birthday at the end of June. In just a year’s time, Elisa has made great progress transitioning into her new life living with her brother. Even so, Jose can see that his sister misses the life she left behind. In the fall, Jose announces the twins will move to Laramie, Wyoming to finish their senior year of high school.
  • Elisa is excited by the news as she will now be much closer to her boyfriend. Jose just wants his sister to be happy. The move will allow her to visit the region he feels she was bound to by fate. Elisa takes full advantage of the opportunity given to her but still goes to school so she can graduate with her brother.
  • In the spring of 2016, Elisa suddenly starts feeling sick. Jose takes her to the hospital where Elisa is given some startling news. When she tells her brother, the twins decide to what they learned a secret until after they graduate.
  • A few weeks after the twins graduate and celebrate their 18th birthday, Elise tells her brother Greg broke up with her when she told him about her secret. When Jose learns another reason Greg broke up with her, he is enraged.

…There’s more to it than that of course. Like I did with the last overview, I left alot of details out on purpose. That said, you can probably guess what the “startling news” at the end is. As for the “other reason”…you’ll have to see the finished product. I will say it’s not because of infidelity, though. I also want to make it clear this is not an erotica though it is geared toward young adults and older.

This is only about a a third of the book I’ve given you an outline of. Elisa’s backstory is the second third. What happens next is the final third. It will be a Drama/Thriller with some angst as well as some comedy. Parts of it will make you laugh and parts of it might make you cry. It is a story of the bond between a brother and sister who grew up in different worlds. It is as much Jose’s story as it is Elisa’s. This becomes most apparent in the second half of the story when Jose follows Elisa into her world to prove the depths of his love for her.

This story will be a digital-only release. I plan to release it on both Amazon and iTunes once it’s done.