The Serene Adventure Sagas

This is an overview of the main stories in the new Serene Adventure Sagas. Also included are short stories that take place before or after the events of one of the stories.


Serene Adventure Origins

The story will be spread across five stories that take place during the originally written timeline:

* Ted’s Teenage life to the start of the War on Terrorism will be told in the short story Ted Toss. The story chronicles Ted’s early years, how he and Ann Marie Johnson met and married as well as the births of Fin and Katrin, ending with the birth of Celes.

* Abyssion Highwind’s birth and early years as well as the birth of Aurina will be in the previously announced story Dark Blade Rising.

* Katrin and Fin’s Early years, World War III and the birth of Mark Anthony will be told in the story Wave Guiding Hero.

* Katrin’s feature story Returns of a King takes place a short time after Wave Guiding Hero. To celebrate the inauguration of America’s first African American President

* Marie Kwan’s feature story Tokyo Rhonin Princess follows her life after her birth in China and how she lived in Japan until just before she meets her father for the first time.

* Tomiko Morado, Ed Ross and Ted Toss. The three brothers decide to finish the mission their famous father never had the opportunity to in the final story of Origins, Double Helix. The three stumble across the Neo Sapiens, a new race created in secret facilities called Human Ranches. After meeting Eve Frost, the brothers work with her set to work free all of her people. The story ends with Eve Frost leading her people to a new world far away.


Serene Adventure Short Stories

* The story of Terra Ortiz and the child she lost at birth is revealed in the story Shattered Hope.


Serene Adventure: Our Family Matters

The story will be broken up into five stories that take place during the originally written timeline:

* Katrin and Fin’s teenage years is at last revealed in Strength and Tenacity. The story covers the twins going their separate ways: Fin marries longtime friend Gina Garcia and moves to Arkansas where he opens a Martial Arts Academy. Katrin, meanwhile becomes the biggest American Idol since Michael Jackson. The story ends with the births of Terra’s daughter Serenity and Fin’s son Roy.

* Predator of Predators is the story of Kyle Parker’s quest of vengeance to find the person who killed his parents and kidnapped his older sister. Accompanied by his brother Leon and the mysterious Nephilim Laura Alphonse, Kyle’s nearly ten-year journey leads him to the darkest corners of the world in his quest for vengeance. His name strikes fear into Nephilim, a race of people that prey on humans after he slaughters whole communities. The killing will not stop until he finds the one responsible for tearing his family apart.

* Unshed Tears is Alex Garcia’s story and happens before the events of Baby of Mine. It focuses on Alex dealing with responsability at a young age when his mother suddenly dies.

* Baby of Mine follows the story of Celes’s teenage pregnancy with Aeris and in some respects it can be viewed as a remake of Aeris C.

* The Angel Zenith Project introduces Angel and Zenith as well as explores the pasts of Ann’s parents. This is a completely new story in which Ann and Ted adopt Angel from a Korean Orphanage.

* I Go To The Rock (Working Title) is a remake of Judgement Call starring Fin Toss and Hannah Patterson.

Serene Adventure II: As Life Goes On

The story will be broken up into six stories that take place during the originally written timeline:

* My Father’s Daughter is the followup story to Gaijin of Tokyo and Baby of Mine. Marie Kwan’s sudden arrival in Boston has set off a race among members of the Toss and Highwind Families to find her first. Even though she’s pregnant again, Celes is committed to fighting the mysterious girl in a fight to the finish.

* Fellowship of Storms follows the story of how Angel met Leon Parker and Haley Robinson as well as how Haley learned how to use Magic. Formerly called Makin’ Magic.

* Force Gate Manthony tells the story of Mark Anthony’s groundbreaking research in interstallar warp travel. Aided by his friends Dexter and Rose, Mark Anthony makes first contact with Prince Midas on the distant planet Kyomora, confirming humanity is not alone in the universe.

* Queen of Two Worlds follows the story of Katrin and Midas’ marriage and the birth of their nine children.

* Champions of Earth is a reimagined version of As Life Goes On. When Angel and Zenith meet for the first time, Abyssion and Ted decide to work together. The union becomes permanent when their children fall in love! The story ends with Ted becoming Earth’s first Eternal Champion.

* Medusa Kyomora’s past as Kyomora’s Eternal Champion and the history of Kyomora, Pangea and the Kyogeans is visited in the story Paragon of Kyomora.

Serene Adventure III: Starry Heavens

Four stories will take place in the new Starry Heavens series:

* The fight for Pangea takes place in the story Imperial Revolution.

* King Midas focuses on the taming of the lost continent Starry Heavens after the War for Pangea.

*Eve Frost: Tamer of Emerald Eden follows Eve’s exploits after she left Earth with here people to settle on a new planet.

* Yanni Everbrook’s story Keeper of the Flame explores his family’s proud history of swordsmanship.

Serene Adventure IV: Champions

The story will be re-written eventually the same as the other series. While The Guardian Sages welcome Pangea and Emerald Eden as the newest members of their interplanetary alliance, Abyssion Highwind returns to Earth to unite the Nephilim and leads them to a new world: Endora. Their alliance with New Kyogea and Decarion puts them at odds with the Guardian Sages who’ve fought with them over the years.

This is what it’s going to be. It frees me to write short stories as it was when I first began writing. At the same time, it gives the audience the opportunity to get to know the characters better. None of the characters introduced so far will be cut but redesigned. Several new characters are also introduced as well.